• Autonics BEN5M-MFR Photoelectric Sensor

    Autonics BEN5M-MFR Photoelectric Sensor


    Autonics BEN5M-MFR Photoelectric Sensor with built-in amplifiers are available in universal AC/DC types and DC types. Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch and sensitivity adjusters are available for easy configuration and set up (except through-beam types). The specialized sensor IC provides high performance in various user applications.


  • Autonics PID Temperature Controller

    Autonics PID Temperature Controller


    Autonics PID Temperature Controller is an economical temperature controller having dual preset indicator displays to increase user convenience. The Temperature Controller is also available in low voltage models for wider user options.
    Applications: Temperatures indication, Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring, Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring, Chillers, Water heating boilers, Oven Control, Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring.

  • Signal Converter

    Autonix PMM-S1 Signal Converter


    Autonix PMM-S1 Signal Converter is a state-of-the-art device designed to provide seamless and reliable signal conversion in industrial automation systems. This 4-20mA converter has advanced technology and versatile functionality, this product enables smooth integration and communication between various field devices and control systems. Whether you need to convert analog signals to digital or vice versa, the PMM-S1 Signal Converter is the perfect solution for enhancing the performance and flexibility of your industrial processes.

    Applications: Process Control and Monitoring, Data Acquisition Systems, Building Automation, Power Distribution and Energy Management, Industrial Robotics and Motion Control.

  • Electronic Signal Converter

    Autonix PMMM-S2 Electronic Signal Converter


    Autonix PMMM-S2 Electronic Signal Converter is an advanced device designed to revolutionize signal conversion in industrial automation systems. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile functionality, this Signal Converter empowers seamless communication and integration between different signal types, enabling efficient data transmission and control. Whether you need to convert voltage, current, frequency, or other signals, the PMMM-S2 Signal Converter is the ultimate solution for unlocking the full potential of your industrial processes.

    Applications: Energy Management and Power Distribution, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Instrumentation,Process Control and Automation

  • Signal Isolator

    Autonix PMV-S1 Signal Isolator


    Autonix PMV-S1 Signal Isolator is a cutting-edge device that provides reliable and efficient signal isolation in industrial automation systems. This Signal Converter has advanced technology and robust construction, this product ensures the utmost safety and performance in critical control applications. Whether operating in hazardous environments or striving for optimal system efficiency, the PMV-S1 Signal Isolator is the ideal solution.

    Applications: Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Manufacturing, and Factory Automation


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