• Resistance Meter

    Hioki RM3548 Resistance Meter


    Hioki RM3548 Resistance Meter comes equipped with a number of advanced features that make it stand out from other resistance meters in the market. One such feature is the dual-channel measurement capability. This allows for simultaneous measurement of two different resistance values, saving time and increasing efficiency.

    Applications: Testing electronic components, Circuit fault finding, Material testing, etc.

  • Leakage Clamp meter

    Hioki CM4003 AC Leakage Clamp Meter


    Hioki CM4003 AC Leakage Clamp Meter is commonly used by electricians, maintenance professionals, and technicians working in various industries where detecting and measuring leakage currents in AC circuits is crucial. It helps in identifying potential electrical faults, insulation issues, or equipment malfunctions that could lead to hazards or inefficiencies in electrical systems.

    Application: Electrical Equipment Maintenance, Appliance Testing, Industrial Machinery, Building Maintenance.

  • Digital Multimeter

    Hioki DT-4282 Digital Multimeter


    Hioki DT-4282 Digital Multimeter is a versatile and high-performance tool designed to measure various electrical parameters with accuracy and precision. This Hioki 4282 is an advanced multimeter that is suitable for professionals who require high-quality measurement tools for testing and troubleshooting in electrical circuits.

    Applications: Electrical, Electronic, and Automotive troubleshooting.

  • Hioki DT4261 Digital Multimeter

    Hioki DT4261 Digital Multimeter


    Hioki DT4261 Digital Multimeter can be connected to a computer via USB, allowing measurement data to be transferred to Hioki’s software for further analysis and reporting. Overall, the Hioki 4261 is a high-precision multimeter that is suitable for a wide range of electrical measurement applications. Its accuracy, safety features, and data logging capabilities make it a useful tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

    Applications: Electrical maintenance and troubleshooting, HVAC system maintenance, Automotive repair, Laboratory research, Electronics manufacturing, Renewable energy systems.

  • Hi Tester

    Hioki 3287 Hi Tester


    Hioki 3287 Hi Tester is a compact and portable device that is easy to use and features a large, easy-to-read LCD display. This Hioki Hi Tester also features a variety of useful functions such as data hold function, rotating dial for easy operation making it a highly efficient and user-friendly device.

    Applications: Industrial Applications

  • Hioki DT 4253 Digital Multimeter

    Hioki DT 4253 Digital Multimeter


    The Hioki DT 4253 digital multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, and diode testing. It has a maximum display of 4000 counts, which means it can display up to 3999 as the highest value on the screen. It is designed to withstand harsh environments, with a rugged exterior and a protective holster. Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

    Applications: Electrical, Electronic, and Automotive troubleshooting

  • Hioki DT4256 Digital Multimeter

    Hioki DT4256 Digital Multimeter


    Hioki 4256 Digital Multimeter is a reliable and versatile multimeter that offers high accuracy, multiple measurement functions, and advanced data logging capabilities. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from basic electrical testing to advanced research and development.

    Applications: Laboratory research, industrial maintenance, and electrical engineering


  • Analog Multimeter

    Hioki 3030-10 HiTester Analog Multimeter


    Hioki 3030-10 HiTester Analog Multimeter is a device used for measuring various electrical quantities such as voltage, current, and resistance. It has an analog display that shows the measurement values in the form of a needle moving across a scale.

    Applications: Electrical, Electronic, and Automotive troubleshooting.

  • Insulation Tester

    Hioki 4057-20 Insulation Tester


    Hioki 4057-20 Insulation Tester is a highly versatile and reliable instrument designed for testing the insulation resistance of electrical equipment and circuits. This Insulation Tester is engineered to deliver precise and accurate measurements with a large LCD display with a good amount of brightness.

    Applications: electricians, labs, maintenance technicians, and engineers, etc.

  • Hioki P-2000 High Voltage Probe

    Hioki P-2000 High Voltage Probe


    Hioki P-2000 High Voltage Probe is a type of electrical measuring instrument designed for measuring high voltages up to 2000V. It is typically used in industrial and laboratory settings for testing electrical systems and equipment.This P-2000 High Voltage Probe features a compact and durable design that allows for easy handling and portability. It is equipped with a retractable hook that can be attached to the device being tested, and a convenient thumbwheel that enables the user to adjust the voltage range.
    Applications: Electrical equipment testing, Research and development .

  • Portable Clamp Meter

    Hioki 4375-50 Portable Clamp Meter


    Hioki 4375-50 Portable Clamp Meter is a powerful and versatile electrical testing tool that is designed for professional use. This Tong Meter is ideal for electrical contractors, electricians, and maintenance professionals who need a reliable and accurate way to measure current, voltage, and resistance in a variety of electrical applications.

  • Earth Resistance Tester

    Hioki 6031-50 Earth Resistance Tester


    Hioki 6031-50 Earth Resistance Tester is a highly reliable and accurate instrument designed to measure the resistance of the grounding system in a variety of applications, such as electrical power distribution, communication systems, and industrial facilities.

    Applications: Electrical safety testing, telecommunications, construction, industrial and commercial facilities.


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