• 11 in 1 Environment Meter

    Lutron SP-9201 11 in 1 Environment Meter


    Lutron SP-9201 11 in 1 Environment Meter measures a variety of environmental conditions. This handheld environment meter is lightweight and the user can operate it with one hand. The Environment Meter give accurate readings across a range of environmental conditions are ensured by the SP-9201’s unique photodiode, color correction filter light sensor, and high-precision humidity sensor.

    Applications: HVAC system, Agriculture, Horticulture, Occupational Health & Safety, Educational Research, Building Management Systems, Weather monitoring, Quality Control, Indoor and outdoor Environment.

  • Infrared Thermometer

    Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer


    Lutron TM-969 1000℃ Infrared Thermometer is designed to measure temperatures with precision and accuracy. This  Lutron IR Thermometer is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to measure temperatures up to 1000℃ without the need for contact.

    Applications: including automotive, HVAC, electrical, and industrial settings.

  • Torque Tester

    Lutron TQ-8800 Torque Meter


    Lutron TQ-8800 Torque Meter is a device designed to revolutionize torque measurement in various industrial and engineering applications. Whether you’re in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, or any other industry that relies on precise torque measurements, This Torque Tester is the ultimate solution for ensuring optimal performance and quality control.

    Applications: Automotive, Construction, Research and Development, Industries, Labs.

  • Turbidity Meter

    Lutron TU2016 Turbidity Meter


    Lutron TU-2016 Turbidity Meter can be used to measure the free and total chlorine. This Turbidity meter has an advanced optical system that allows the most accurate and repeatable reading. This unit is splash and waterproof on the front panel. This Digital Turbidity Monitor has a jumbo LCD screen that provides easy readout. The Turbidity Meter microprocessor circuit assures great accuracy.
    Application: Test municipal water, Drinking water, Swimming water, Wastewater treatment, Industrial processes, Environmental Monitoring, Research on aquatic ecosystems, Food purposes,Beverage Industries etc

  • Lux Meter

    Lutron UVC-254SD Lux Meter


    Lutron UVC-254SD Lux Meter is a device used to measure the ultraviolet (UV) light source. This Portable Light  Meter has a high level of accuracy, and sensitivity also an incredibly easy-to-use device. This Lux Meter has a large LCD display that shows the measurement results in real-time.

    Applications: Germicidal lamp testing, Research, Labs, UV curing, Solar radiation measurement, UV lamp maintenance, etc.

  • Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB 8200 Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB-8200 Vibration Meter is sure to provide precise measurements in a quick time. The Lutron VB-8200 has a microcomputer circuit that provides an excellent performance. This Lutron Vibration Sensor is made from superior grade materials, this meter provides long-lasting and dependable usage.

    Applications:Building and Structural Monitoring,Test the acceralration of machines.

  • Lutron VB-8202 Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB-8202 Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB-8202 Vibration Meter is a portable vibration meter that indicates the vibration, This Vibration Meter also has a data hold button to freeze the desired reading. It has a built-in battery indicator and also has the feature of auto powering off.

    Applications:  Vibration meters are used in many installations and machines and in developing products in the condition.


  • Portable Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB-8205SD Portable Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB-8205SD Portable Vibration Meter comes with an LCD display with a good amount of backlight. This Portable Vibration Meter has advanced sensor technology to provide precise and reliable vibration measurements, ensuring that you can quickly identify potential issues.

    Applications: Industrial Maintenance, Structural Analysis, Automotive, Aerospace, Research and Development, etc.

  • Lutron VB-8213 Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB-8213 Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB-8213 Vibration Meter is a Portable Vibration Meter that indicates the vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement directly on the display which is helpful to know the status of the machine condition. This Vibration Meter also has the data hold button to freeze the desired reading. This Lutron Vibration Meter has an built-in battery indicator and also has the feature of Auto shut off to save the battery life.
    Applications: Vibration meters are used in many installations and machines as well as in the development of products in the condition.

  • Portable Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB-8230SD Portable Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB-8230SD Portable Vibration Meter measures acceleration, velocity, and displacement, primarily used in industries to check machinery vibrations. This Portable Vibration Sensor and a magnetic base, allowing for peak value measurement and covering a wide frequency range, additionally Provided with a LCD display. Measuring Vibration Meter provides a useful guide to machine condition. When there is Poor balance, misalignment, and looseness in the structure cause increased vibration levels, indicating the need for maintenance. 

    Applications : All industrial machinery, Industrial Maintenance, Automotive, Aerospace, Structural Analysis,



  • Lutron VB8201HA Vibration Meter

    Lutron VB8201HA Vibration Meter


    Lutron VB8201HA Vibration Meter is a device designed to measure frequency and acceleration. This device has a measuring Frequency range of up to 10 Hz – 1 kHz and an Acceleration measuring range of up to 200 m/s2. This Vibration Meter separately provides a vibration probe and also users can easily be operated it. 
    Applications: Coal Mining areas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Machine buildings, Hydraulic and Pneumatic.

  • Lutron Multifunctional tds meter

    Lutron YK-2005WA PH/ORP, DO, CD/TDS Meter


    Lutron YK-2005WA PH/ORP, DO, CD/TDS Meter is a one meter for multi purpose operation which measures PH/ORP, DO & CD/TDS whose ranges are pH : 0 to 14.00 pH, ORP : 1999 mV, Conductivity : 200 uS/2 mS/20 mS/200 mS, Dissolved oxygen : 0 to 20.0 mg/L.

    Applications: Used for oxidation/reduction measurement in plating baths, wastewater monitoring, and other applications such as Aquarium, Beverage, Fish Hatcheries, Food Processing, Laboratory, and Quality Control.


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