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    Senseair Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter


    Senseair Carbon Dioxide CO2 Transmitter is an all – computerized low – cost transmitter for establishment in the atmosphere zone. It gauges both CO2 concentration and temperature in the surrounding air. The information is transmitted to a BMS system or controller. It accompanies the standard scope of 0 to 2000 PPM.

    Applications: HVAC,greenhouse,landfill gas,cofined space,marine vessels,ventilation management,Mining,cellar & gas stores.

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    tSense Touch Screen CO2 + RH Temp Transmitter


    tSense Touch Screen CO2 + RH Temp Transmitter is an attractive, wall-mounted carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, and relative humidity transmitter. It is accessible with or without an LCD color touch screen display. CO2, Temperature, % Relative Humidity Simple Configuration by means of LCD Touch Screen.

    Applications: commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, demand control ventilation (DCV), HVAC, Greenhouses, Laboratories, Cleanrooms, Transportation.


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