• Real Time Temperature Monitoring Device

    Blood Bank Temperature Alert Monitoring System

    Blood Bank Temperature Monitoring System is a smart alert monitor assisting facility management to quickly respond once the alert is triggered either by SMS or Email. The real-time data also can be downloaded on the PC for further investigation and helps in meeting audit compliance.
    Applications:  Blood Banks, UPS rooms, Battery rooms, Cold Storages, Cold Chains, Food, Server Rooms, Data focus, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Medical, Logistics, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals, Machinery Rooms, Ship-Building, etc.

  • Ace AI-TAM1 Temperature Monitor

    Ace AI-TAM1 Temperature Alarm Monitor

    Ace AI-TAM1 Temperature Monitor is designed to measure, display, and alert the users when the set deviations are violated in the temperature parameters. This TAM 1 Temperature Monitor has a buzzer alarm which helps in alerting the user in case of temperature violations.
    Applications:  Infrastructure facilities, chemical labs, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, miscellaneous industries, Laser Room, Electronic Shop Floor, Server room, Iron, Casting, Vaccine Storage, Lab (Iron), Cold rooms.


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