• Universal Process Calibrator

    BTH C9 Universal Process Calibrator

    BTH C9 Universal Process Calibrator is a handy tool used to calibrate various types of process control instruments that accept mV, mA, and resistance inputs. The unique feature of this Multi-Function Calibrator is its high accuracy and stability.
    Applications: Calibration of process control instruments,  I/P convertors, Field-level transmitters, Flow transmitters, Temperature & pressure transmitters, etc.

  • Universal Calibrator

    Masibus UC12 Universal Calibrator


    Masibus UC12 Universal Calibrator is compact, rugged, and easy to use. This Masibus is a handheld device with a graphical user interface for precise measurement and easy sourcing of electrical and physical parameters.

    Applications: Drift test of Transmitters, Transducers, laboratory and Site calibration purpose, etc.


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