• Bosean BH-90A LEL Portable Single Gas Detector

    Bosean BH-90A O2 Portable Single Gas Detector

    Bosean BH-90A O2 portable single gas detector will create continuous detection of Oxygen Gas in Industrial and Mining locations. This Bosean Oxygen gas Detector is appropriate for Oxygen Gas detection in underground pipes or mines and keeps the employees safe, preventing the facilities from being destroyed. This Bosean Portable Single Gas Detector is an excellent-quality detector that makes detection within the manner of natural diffusion. This Handheld Gas Detector helps with the detection of Oxygen Levels and provides the correct information to the user on the LCD Display Screen.
    Applications : Industrial applications, Laboratories, Aviation and Aerospace
  • Hanwei BX616 Portable Multi-gas Detector

    Hanwei BX616 Portable Multi-gas Detector


    Hanwei BX616 Portable Multi-gas Detector is a device used to detect Oxygen (O2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), and combustible gas Methane (CH4). Which are the four major gases that cause the majority of industrial accidents to protect against disasters caused by oxygen deficiency, toxic gas poisoning, and combustible gas explosions. This Hanwei Multigas Detector helps with the gas level readings on the screen and alerts the user with the alarm when there is a violation in the gas levels.
    Applications: Steelworks, petrochemical plants, oil industry, shipbuilding yards, sewage treatment plants, mines, power supply works, confined spaces, etc.

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    SENSIT P100 SO2 Gas Detector

    Sensit P100 Single-Gas Detector is a personal gas monitor with housing is constructed of durable ABS plastic and shock-absorbing material to protect the instrument from the rigors of field use. Sensors available include hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.

    Applications: Oil & Gas Exploration, Gas Contractors, Emergency Responders, Emergency Medical Personnel.


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