• Digital Anemometer

    Lutron AM 4201 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM 4201 Digital Anemometer comes with a Low-friction ball-bearing vane. This Portable Anemometer also has an LCD show for low power consumption with a splendid encompassing light condition.
    Applications: Industries, Whether Monitoring, HVAC, Agriculture, Wind Energy, Constructions, Aviation.

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    Lutron AM-4202 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron AM 4202 Portable Anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately.

    Applications: measures speed of air flow in atmosphere, in Wind Tunnels,  to check air conditioning & heating systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, temperature etc.

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    Lutron LM 8100 4 in 1 Digital Anemometer


    Lutron LM-8100 4 in 1 Digital Anemometer is a professional measuring instrument capable of measuring various parameters like Air Velocity, Light, Temperature and Relative Humidity. Its also includes features like Hold, Zero calibration, RS232/USB output interface.
    Applications: Weather Stations, Greenhouse, Ventilation systems, Constructions etc.


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