• Testo 105 Food Thermometer, digital food thermometer, food thermometer

    Testo 105 Food Thermometer


    Testo 105 digital food thermometer can be used to measure the core temperature of semi-solids like meat, cheese, and jellies. The probe sensor included makes it easy to insert into non-frozen and liquid form food. There is also an optional probe to measure the core temperature of frozen foods to ensure that temperatures are within given thresholds.

    Applications: Food production, checking received goods, catering services, canteen kitchens, cold storage rooms, and supermarkets.

  • Digital Cooking Oil Tester

    Testo 270 Digital Cooking Oil Tester


    Testo 270 Digital Cooking Oil Tester identifies the health of the oil whether it is usable or not. This testo cooking oil tester not only ensures healthy cooking oil for their customers but also benefits them in a healthy manner and it saves the cost from non usable oils.
    Applications: Kitchens, Restaurants, etc.


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