Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor, Freezer Temperature
ACE Vaccine Freezer Temperature, Ace Vaccine Freezer Monitor
Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor, Freezer Temperature

ACE Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor

ACE Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor is an economical small form factor Temperature Monitor which simultaneously measures , displays & alerts user about the critical parameter of temperature in vaccine freezer & vaccine handling facilities.

Applications: Cold rooms, Freezer rooms, Vaccine refrigerators and/or Vaccine Freezers.


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ACE Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor has a wall mounting display unit with single line 4 digit 7 Segment LED Display showing the temperature of the inside of the vaccine freezer on a display unit outside the freezer . The sensor is a wired sensor , with standard wire length of 3 mtrs. , which enables the display monitor to be placed outside the vaccine freezer & the sensor can be placed inside the vaccine freezer unit being monitored. The Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor has an integrated programmable buzzer alarm for alerting in case of any deviation from customer specified temperature Low & High limits. The alarm limits are user programmable from front keys.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
/- 0.5 Deg. C /- 1 count
4 Digits for Temperature , 0.4” Height , Red LED Display
Wall Mounting Type
Temperature Measuring Range
-99.9 to +200.0 Deg. C
Cable Length
Connection cable ,pre-wired 3 mtr.Extension between display monitor & sensor
Power Supply
24 V.D.C. by way of 230 VAC , 50 Hz. Adaptor provided alongwith
In-built buzzer of 50 decibels with Acknowledgement Key on top
Alarm Type
In built buzzer for low Limit & High Limit Excced Alarm for Temperature limit violation alert
Acknowledgement Key
Provided to reset the alarm,thus avoiding continous buzzer alarm. However,the alarm LED continous to glow indicating limit violation alert of temperature set limits
Wall Mounting Type ABS Plastic Body of 80(W) x 80(H) x 55(D) mm.
Will be provided at no extra cost.Valid for 1 year
12 months manufacturer warranty

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