• Pen Type USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    Elitech RC 51H Temperature Humidity Datalogger


    Elitech RC 51H Temperature and Humidity Datalogger is a device used to measure temperature and humidity. This Elitech RC 51H Temperature and Humidity Datalogger is a plug-and-play device that can directly generate the data report without any data management software intervention. Users can use it to monitor and record temperature in cold chain management which requires a quick response data logger.

    Applications: Pharmaceutical companies, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, laboratories, etc.

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    Raytek MT4 Infrared Thermometer Pyrometer


    Raytek MT4 Infrared Thermometer Pyrometer has become the preferred tool for diagnostics and inspection where the temperature is a critical parameter. Raytek IR thermometers are valued by professionals in a variety of industries—from industrial maintenance to food service, because they quickly, accurately, and safely measure surface temperature.

    Application: Metallurgy, smelting industries, Steam boilers temperatures, checking mechanical or electrical equipment for temperature and hot spots, measuring the temperature of patients in a hospital without touching them, checking heater or oven temperature.


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