Honeywell SCTHWA43SDS Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell Humidity and Temperature Wall Mount Transmitter, SCT Series, is an ideal environmental solution for indoor applications such as building automation and HVAC systems in residential and office buildings, manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals, etc. The SCT Series utilizes Honeywell HumidIcon™ humidity/temperature sensors to accurately and reliably sense humidity and temperature.


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The SCT Series offers a variety of options and features. The transducers can be equipped with or without a legible LCD display that shows the ambient temperature along with the relative humidity or dew point. The stylish cover trim is available in either silver or gold.


Enhanced accuracy

Enhanced reliability

Long-term stability

Standard humidity output: 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 V to 10 V


Choice of cover trim color (silver or gold)

Full 0 %RH to 100 %RH measurement range

Available with or without LCD display

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Data sheet

Measuring Range
Temperature : -5 °C to 55 °C [23 °F to 131 °F]Humidity : 0 % RH to 100 %RH non- condensation
For Humidity : 4 %RH For Temperature : 0.3 °C
Humidity : 4 mA to 20 mATemperature: 4 mA to 20 mA
With LCD display
Humidity & Temperature Display with 2 Analog Outputs
Humidity: ±0.05 %RH typ. and ±1.2 %RH max. drift over five years
Standard Silver
Enhanced reliability
The humidity sensor element’s multilayerconstruction provides resistance to most application hazards such as dust, dirt, condensation, oils and common environmental chemicals, enhancing reliability
12 months manufacturer warranty

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