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Ace AI-RHTx Temperature And Humidity Transmitter

Ace AI-RHTx Temperature And Humidity Transmitter combine the voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output.

Applications: For measurements under rough operating conditions, For measurements in complex industrial applications, home heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems). These are also used in offices, cars, humidors, museums, industrial spaces and greenhouses and are also used in meteorology stations to report and predict weather.


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Ace AI-RHTx Temperature And Humidity Transmitter has polymer capacitance humidity sensor which is not affected by condensation, fog, high humidity, or contaminants. The humidity sensors are available with 2%, 3% and 5% accuracy.

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Data sheet

ACE Instruments
Measuring Range
1. 0.0 to +50.00C for Temperature (Call us for any other range as per requirement) 2. 0.0 to 100.0%RH typical for Relative humidity
Temp: +/- 0.5 Deg C,Humi: 1.8% for 10 to 95% RH
Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature & Relative humidity.
(Optional ) 2 x 4-20mA , 1 each for both temperature & humidity ; Call us for Optional RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication
2 X 4 Digit RED LED Display of Height 0.4′′ (1 Each for Humidity & Temperature)
Cable Connection
Terminal Connectors for Transmitter Output & Power Supply Input Suitable for cable upto 1
Supply voltage
24VDC / 300mA
Wall Mounting IP65 Enclosure with 2 mtrs. Cable for external Pipe Sensor
Wall mounting type ABS Plastic enclosure with Wall Bracket
Sensor Type
1.Polymer sensing for Temperature 2.Capacity polymer sensing for Relative humidity 3.Option of Wired External Probe or Integrated Probe fixed to Body
Sensor housing
Nylon material (Length 85mm.) Pipe
Protection class
IP 65
Will be provided at no extra cost traceable to national standards
80(W) X 80(H) X 55(D) in mm.
300g. Approx.
12 Months Manufacturer warranty

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