X-Ray Zone Protection Suit

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X-Ray Zone Protection Suit is a modern garment made to protect wearers from radiation exposure, especially in situations where X-rays are present. This Radiation Protection Suit is constructed from specialized materials like lead or materials with lead-equivalent properties. These suits are carefully crafted to offer the wearer the most coverage possible without affecting comfort or flexibility.

Applications: Industrial Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Security Screening, Research Laboratories, Medical Radiography and Imaging
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X-Ray Zone Protection Suit is a full-body suit designed to protect people from ionizing radiation emitted by X-ray machines. This Radiation Protection Suit efficiently lowers the wearer’s exposure to potentially hazardous radiation. These aprons are worn by radio activities and technicians during X-ray procedures to protect their core from radiation exposure. These suits frequently incorporate strategically positioned layers of materials designed to absorb radiation effectively, ensuring thorough protection for the wearer.

Features of X-Ray Zone Protection Suit

  • Full chemical and biological resistance
  • CBRN heat-sealed seams
  • CBRN zipper
  • Self Cooling
  • Reduces IR detection
  • Built-in booties and gloves
  • CBRN face seal

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X-Ray Zone Protection Suit

X-Ray Zone Protection Suit

(GST 18% Exclusive)

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