• Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer

    Testo 405 Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer


    Testo 405 Pocket Sized Thermal Anemometer features a permanently mounted telescope and enables you to measure air flow, volumetric flow, and air temperature. The measuring range for the flow is between 0 to 10 m/s, volumetric flows are calculated up to 99,990 m3/h.

    Applications:  Measures flow measurements in ventilation ducts, Measure air velocity in rooms for checking indoor air quality and low air velocities, at draughty windows.

  • Testo 410-1 Vane Anemometer

    Testo 410-1 Vane Anemometer


    Testo 410-1 Vane Anemometer is used to measure air velocity and air temperature. You can use it for fast spot measures at ventilation grilles (air outlets). This Testo anemometer is likewise perfect to utilize outside. It demonstrates the units m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, and kts, and computes wind chill and the Beaufort wind force.
    Applications: Ducts, Stacks, Ventilation, Warehouses, HVAC, Measuring Air, Gas, and Emissions flow in pipes,

  • Testo 410-2 Vane Anemometer

    Testo 410-2 Vane Anemometer


    Testo 410-2 Vane Anemometer is used for air velocity estimation at ventilation grilles (air outlets) and for inspecting air conditions of indoor and outdoors. Pocket-sized vane anemometer likewise measures humidity and air temperature.

    Applications: Measuring Airflow in pipes, Ducts, Stacks, Windchill or Beaufort wind force.

  • Buy vane anemometer online

    Testo 410I Vane Anemometer With Smartphone Operation


    Testo 410I Vane Anemometer With Smartphone Operation is perfect for estimating airspeed and temperature at air outlets and ventilation grilles. Notwithstanding estimating and altering the volume stream is simple. The testo Vane Anemometer gives you enormous adaptability, so you can adjust to any spontaneous estimating requirements in your ordinary work

    Applications: HVAC, Ducts, Pipes lines, Stacks, when adjusting a ventilation system, volume flows of multiple outlets can be cross-checked and compared to ventilation grille.

  • Buy Testo 416 Air flow Meter online, Air flow meter

    Testo 416 Airflow Meter With Telescopic Vane


    Testo 416 Air Flow Meter provides you with quick and reliable airflow readings on an easy-to-read, backlight display. The permanently connected telescopic sensor, which can be extended to a maximum length of 890 mm and a mini vane that has a diameter of 16 mm makes the airflow meter ideal for measuring the airflow & air volume in air ducts.

    Applications: Ventilation and A/C systems, Refrigeration Technology, Indoor Air and Comfort

  • Vane Type Anemometer

    Testo 417 Large Surface Vane Anemometer


    Testo 417 Laser Surface Vane Anemometer enables you to measure airflow speed and directions as well as volumetric flow rate and temperature. This Testo vane anemometer can also calculate the mean time value, average value, minimum and maximum value at the touch of a key. The coordinated vane of the anemometer makes it perfect for completing estimations at air bays and outlets. The optionally available vent 417 funnel set allows users to carry out measurements at ventilation grilles and disk valves.
    Applications: Ventilation and A/C systems, Refrigeration Technology, Indoor Air and Comfort.

  • Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor

    Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor


    Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor is used to measure the speed and volume of air movement. This Anemometer also measures and indicates the temperature. This Testo 440 Air Velocity and IAQ Monitor is a compact handheld device intuitive measurement menus and a comprehensive selection of air velocity & IAQ probes.
    Applications: Air Quality Monitoring Places, All the air velocity and IAQ parameters for air conditioning and ventilation systems


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