• Danfoss MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter

    Danfoss MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter


    Danfoss MBS 3000 Compact Pressure Transmitter is designed to use in all industrial applications and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions. This MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter has a Measuring Range of up to 600 Bar.

    Applications: Pumps, Compressors, Pneumatics, Automobiles, Water treatment, Heavy Industries & HVAC etc.

  • Pressure Controller With Transmitter

    Digital Pressure Controller with Transmitter

    Digital Pressure Controller With Transmitter is a highly advanced device that combines pressure measurement and control capabilities in a single unit. It is commonly used in industrial settings where accurate and precise pressure regulation is essential
    Applications: Auto Mobiles, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Macheniary Rooms.

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    Elitech PT-500 Wireless Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Set

    Elitech PT-500 Wireless Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Set is a device used to measure temperature and pressure that helps to get an efficient analysis of AC/R systems. The reliable unit can quickly provide automatic calculations of superheating and sub-cool value. This helps to view measurement data on your smartphone, enables you to quickly and conveniently complete and document the job.
    Applications: Refrigeration, maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners, fridge, and cold storage.


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