• Flameproof Digital Temperature Indicator

    Ace AI-01-F Flameproof Digital Temperature Indicator

    Ace AI-01-F Flameproof Digital Temperature Indicator is a best-in-class microcontroller-based instrument appropriate for the most basic use of online temperature measurement. Ace AI-01-F is made of Aluminium LM-6 Body with 1 High Super Bright Display Software Calibration along with a Calibration Certificate traceable to E.T.D.C.( NABL Accredited Laboratory).

    Applications: pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, bulk drugs, chemicals, warehouses, pharma clean rooms, and different applications.


  • RTD Flameproof Temperature Sensor

    Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor

    Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor having a blast evidence RTD sensors are made of the robust pass on the cast aluminum head with mineral protection. They can also be made of solid metal, SS304, and SS316. Our standard RTD sensors are guaranteed flameproof for gas bunches I, IIA and IIB and come complete with a Flameproof head.

    Applications: include reactors, distillation columns, laboratories, mines, chemicals & petrochemicals.

  • Flameproof Pressure Transmitter

    ACE Flameproof Pressure Transmitter

    ACE Flameproof Pressure Transmitter is the pressure measuring instrument that has been designed specifically for the high demands of industrial oil and gas applications in explosion-proof areas.
    Applications: Borehole Monitoring, Refiners and Petrochemical Industry, Drilling platforms and Pipelines, Gas Compressors.

  • Flameproof Push Button Station

    Ace Flameproof Push Button Station

    Ace Flameproof Push Button Station is flameproof Switchgear made by Ace Instruments and is produced using unrivaled evaluation raw materials guaranteeing high durability of the Switchgear. Further, clients can benefit from flameproof switchgear at industry driving costs from us.

    Applications: Hazardous Location, Industries.

  • Ace FLP-01 Flameproof Hooter

    Ace FLP-01 Flameproof Hooter

    Flameproof Hooter is an aluminum LM-6 Body Alarm Hooter certified by the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR), Dhanbad for Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA, and IIB.

    Applications: Industrial, Hazardous areas, Chemical, Fertilizer, Agrochemical, Paints & Petroleum plants

  • Digital Vaccum Indicator

    Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator

    Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator manufactured by Ace Instruments are state-of-the-art vacuum measuring instruments with an in-built stainless steel diaphragm sensor housed in an explosion-proof/flameproof enclosure. This Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator is suitable for operation in hazardous areas.
    Applications: Chemicals, Plastics, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power Stations, Fertilizers, Distillery Plant and Mines, Resin, Beverage Industries, Perfumes, and Cosmetics Industries, etc.

  • FLP Duct Mounted Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

    Flameproof Duct Temperature-Humidity Transmitter AI-RHTx-FLP

    Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitters AI-RHTx-FLP are designed for HVAC applications for simultaneous dual analog 4-20mA outputs corresponding to temperature & humidity. The Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitter is ideal for connecting outputs onto BMS/PLC/SCADA since it provides industry standard 4-20mA Analog Outputs & also comes with optional RS 485 Modbus communication.

    Applications: HVAC, Pharma Labs, Manufacturing Plants, Chemical process plants, etc.

  • Oxygen Monitor

    Flameproof Oxygen Monitor AI-02-FLP

    Flameproof Oxygen Monitor AI-02-FLP is manufactured by Ace Instruments is a high exactness microcontroller-based gas transmitters housed in flameproof aluminum LM-6 Body guaranteed by CIMFR, Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA, and IIB. The LED 4 digit display shows the digital reading of oxygen gas focus in the scope of 0 to 25% Volume.
    Applications:  Research & QC Laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile industries.

  • Placeholder

    Flameproof Standalone Clock

    Flameproof Standalone Clock are housed in Aluminium LM- 6 Body Certified by CIMFR, Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, II A & II B. The Flameproof Master & Slave Synchronized Clock Systems work on wired RS485 Modbus Communication & optionally on Wireless RF Communication.

    Applications: Defence application,petrochemical industry, hazardous area,pharmaceuticals applications by maintaining uniform synchronized time.

  • Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter

    Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter

    Rotronics Thermoflex5 – TF5 Temperature Transmitter measures temperature based on the data provided by an external PT100 4-wire RTD probe.The TF5 features a robust housing. Digital signal processing ensures consistent product performance with features such as potentiometer free – digital calibration which facilitates the task of field maintenance .

    Applications: Measures temperatures in production processes, storage, transport and drying processes.


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