Cancellation Refund or Return Policy Background

Instrukart believes & will help its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy.

Cancellation/ Refund or Return Policy

1. Material dispatch upon clear instruction of the Buyer Upon Purchase Order, E-Mail confirmation and after Technical review of the Offered material without any technical clarification raised shall not be entitled for Return or Refund.

 2. However if any Technical Defects or fault observed and considered as Manufacturing defects under Warranty Terms if mentioned in the submission of Official Offer, in E-Mail conversation shall be entitled for replacement after thoroughly checking and inspecting by Engineers and determine the fault as Manufacturing Fault or defects only. Replacement shall be made available upon readiness of material only or as per further guidance of Time and Date frame.

 3. Material or Product if considered as a DISPOSABLE or SINGLE USE TYPE and Purchased or Dispatched after clearance from Purchaser once verifying all the Technical parameter, shall not be considered for Replacement or Refund.

 4. Replacement of Material or Product considered as a DISPOSABLE or SINGLE USE TYPE can only be entitled once the material is found in NOT USED CONDITIONS after thoroughly checked by Seller concern Engineer and confirm the same.

 5. Material or Product covered under WARRANTY shall be strictly used under the guideline of OEM provided Manual of Operation only. Over ruling if observed during periodic maintenance of the said device under WARRANTY may lead to cancellation of Warranty clause with Immediate effect.

 6. Material or Product once dispatch or received by User or Purchase department need to escalate the defects, Faults, Errors or wrong material supplied within 72 Hours after receipt of material and accordingly action to be taken considering best practice.

 7. All Delivery to be considered as Ex-Works only, despite if anything mentioned elsewhere.

 8. All the dispute raised and escalated shall be within Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.

 9. Replacement of the Material or Product can only be done with same material or product else with the alternate product of similar value upon confirmation of the healthy workmanship of the material or product else as per the best practice of the SELLER.

 10. Replacement/Refund/Warranty coverage shall not be entitled if the Product or Material found Tampered/Intentional Fault/Unauthorized handling/Mishandled or any such equivalent similar clause.

 11. In case of any REFUND, IF NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY once entitled and confirmed by the respective SELLER and his AUTHORITY, if any extra charges incur like Freight TO PAY BASIS, CUSTOMS CHARGES, SHIPPING COST, IMPORT DUTIES and other sundry DEBIT, the DEBITED AMOUNT shall be deducted from the existing payment and accordingly refund shall be initiated.