A matter is composed of atoms. Every atom is made up of a nucleus that contains minute particles of positive charged protons and neutrons, and the negative electrons are present on the outer shell of an atom. These forces within the atom form a strong, stable balance by getting rid of additional atomic energy (radioactivity). In that process,… Read More »

Things To Know About Multi Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detector are designed to detect a variety of gases which need to be monitored based on your application. It can be either fixed or portable gas detector and commonly used to detect the gases within the desired area. Multi gas detector comes with 2 different types of detector – Diffusion model consists of a sensor and… Read More »

GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System)

GPS Clocks (Global Positioning System) manufactured by Ace Instruments are suitable for all industrial, office, banks, brokerage houses, stock exchanges, pharmaceuticals plants, airports & currency exchanges, railway stations & similar applications. Standalone GPS Clock come with the option of GPS Time Synchronization using the GPS Satellite signal. GPS Clocks can be custom designed to display the time of India,… Read More »

Ammonia Gas Detectors

This blog may help to provide information for the people working in Industries/ factories where the risk of high concentration of Ammonia gas leaks. Before, going depth to Ammonia detectors and their features we will explore what is Ammonia? Where these compound have been created & their principle? how can it been detected and the place of applications:… Read More »

Hospital Isolation Room Monitor

Hospital Isolation Rooms – Topic Overview: An isolation (DP Gauge) facility aims to control the airflow in the room so that the number of airborne infectious particles is reduced to a level that ensures cross-infection of other people within a healthcare facility is highly unlikely. This may be achieved by: Control of the quantity and quality of intake… Read More »

About Pressure Transducer

A pressure transducer is used to convert a certain value of pressure into its corresponding mechanical or electrical output. Measurement if pressure is of considerable importance in process industries. Types The types of pressure sensors are differentiated according to the amount of differential pressure they are able to measure. For low differential pressure measurement Liquid Column Manometers are used. Elastic type pressure… Read More »

About Vacuum Gauges

About Vacuum Gauges For pressure measurement below atmosphere or vacuum  gauge, different gauges are available. Manometers and bell gauges can go up to 0.1 Torr. Diaphragm gauges are usable up to a pressure of 10-3 Torr. For pressure below this value, electrical gauges like Pirani or Ionization Gauges are used. Vacuum measurement is broadly classified into Mechanical Type, Thermal Type, Ionization Type, and Radiation… Read More »

Absolute Pressure Gauge

Absolute Pressure– This is a combination of gauge pressure of the media with the pressure of the atmosphere. When the location changes, say as per the change of altitude, the atmospheric pressure also changes which compel the reference point to differ as well. If an absolute pressure sensor is used for eliminating the reference of varying atmospheric pressure.