Why Choose Airborne Particle Counters?

1. Precision Monitoring: Our Particle Counters are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that provide accurate and real-time measurements of airborne particles. From microscopic pollutants to larger particles, these devices give you a detailed insight into the quality of the air you breathe.

2. Versatility for Every Setting: No matter the size or nature of your space, we have a Particle Counter to suit your needs. Explore our compact and portable models ideal for homes, or opt for advanced systems tailored for large commercial environments. Ensure the air in your space is pure, whether it’s a bedroom, office, laboratory, or manufacturing facility.

3. Easy Integration: Our Indoor Airborne Particle Counters are designed for seamless integration into your existing air quality management system. With user-friendly interfaces and compatibility with various platforms, monitoring and maintaining your indoor air quality has never been more accessible.

4. Real-time Data and Alerts: Stay informed with real-time data updates and alerts. Our Particle Counters provide timely notifications if the air quality deviates from the desired parameters, allowing you to take prompt action and maintain a healthy environment.

Explore Our Range:

1. Home Particle Counters: Ideal for homeowners and small spaces, our home Particle Counters offer a user-friendly experience with compact designs and intuitive interfaces. Breathe easy knowing you have control over the air quality in your living spaces.

2. Commercial Particle Counters: For businesses and larger establishments, our commercial-grade Particle Counters provide comprehensive air quality monitoring. From offices to healthcare facilities, ensure a clean and safe environment for employees, clients, and visitors.

3. Advanced Air Quality Systems: Take your air quality management to the next level with our advanced systems. These Particle Counters come with additional features such as multiple sensors, data logging, and integration capabilities, making them suitable for research labs, cleanrooms, and industrial settings.


Investing in Indoor Airborne Particle Counters is an investment in the health and well-being of those in your space. Browse our range to find the perfect solution for your specific needs. With precision monitoring, versatile options, easy integration, and real-time data, our Particle Counters are your partners in creating and maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment

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    CEM DT 969 Air Particle Counter

    CEM DT 969 Air Particle Counter is an easy to use, cost-effective, desktop PM 2.5 / PM 10 Air quality meter. With its large, bright color LCD, it can display all air quality parameters in an easy to read intuitive display.

    Applications: Semiconductor device fabrication, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, disk drives, aerospace and other fields.

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    CEM DT-96 Handheld Particle Counter

    CEM DT-96 Handheld Particle Counter with 2.0″ shading TFT LCD show gives quick, simple and accurate readings for molecule counter and molecule mass focus with air temperature and relative humidity estimations

    Applications: Particle counter are utilized broadly in Clean Rooms, Semiconductor gadget creation, biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Aerospace

  • Air Particle Counter

    CEM DT-9880 Air Particle Counter

    CEM DT9880 Particle Counter with unique 2.8 inch color TFT LCD display measures accurate readings for particle counter, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb Temperature. Air Quality Monitor can measure up to 6 channels of particle sizes use the included software to generate reports with videos, photos, and data points.

    Applications: Clean Rooms,HVAC/R System Monitoring, Pharmaceutical, Transportation & Service Depots, Air Quality Monitoring, Power Generation (fossil fuel burning), Charcoal-based heating/cooking, Traffic-related emissions, Cement Manufacturing, Mining, & Stone Crushing, Agro-Industrial (flour milling & agricultural field burning ), Metallurgy Processes (melting, pouring, torch-cutting)

  • Air Particle Counter

    CEM DT-9881 Air Particle Counter

    CEM DT-9881 Air Particle Counter simultaneously measure and display 6 channels of particle sizes (down to 0.3 μm), Air Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, and Wet Bulb. with a unique 2.8” color TFT LCD display and a built-in camera for capturing videos and photos that are stored onto internal memory or a micro SD card, for viewing on PC, providing fast, easy and accurate readings for particle counter.

    Applications: Offices, schools, homes, industries, Research centers, pharmaceuticals, Paint Industry, etc.

  • CEM DT-9883M

    CEM DT-9883M 6 in 1 Air Particle Counter with Multi-Gas Analyser

    CEM DT-9883M Air Particle Counter with Multi-Gas Analyser provides fast, easy, and accurate readings for particle count. This Portable Particle Counter measures parameters like Mass Concentration, Formaldehyde Gas (HCHO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), TVOC, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity.  This Particle Counter is the ideal instrument for environmental safety and energy-saving surveys.
    Applications: Paint Booth, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene and Confined Space, Airlines (wing-tank passage), Landfills, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Hotels, Schools, Ambient Workplace, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Hospitals.

  • Air Particle Counter

    Extech VPC300 Air Particle Counter


    Extech VPC300 Air Particle Counter with inherent Camera. Measures up to 6 channels of molecule sizes in addition to air temperature and relative humidity. Utilized for catching recordings and photographs that are put away onto internal memory or a micro SD card. It stores 5000 records (date, time, checks, stickiness, temperature, test volumes, and area name) and 20 minutes of video.

    Application: HVAC/R System Monitoring, Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical, Air Quality Monitoring, Transportation & Service Depots, Power Generation (fossil fuel burning), Traffic-related emissions, Charcoal-based heating/cooking, Cement Manufacturing, Mining, & Stone Crushing, Metallurgy Processes (melting, pouring, torch-cutting), Agro-Industrial (flour milling & agricultural field burning)

  • Greywolf Direct Sense-II  Particle Counter

    GrayWolf Direct Sense-II  Particle Counter

    Graywolf Direct Sense-II  Particle Counter, Advanced Sense™ and Wolf Pack™ monitors interface with Gray Wolf 6 channel handheld particle counters and with Thermo Scientific™ pDR particulate concentration meters. Display and log particulates right on the Gray Wolf instrument or mobile PC.

    Applications: Occupational Health and Safety, Cleanroom Monitoring, HVAC, and Research and Development etc

  • Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter

    Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter


    Kanomax 3905 Portable Particle Counter with an optional Climomaster environmental sensor provides the ability to measure air velocity, temperature and humidity making these instruments the ultimate tools for cleanroom certification. This unit features a large color touch screen with a streamlined and user-friendly interface pre-programmed with different standards having 6 channels for measuring particle sizes of various ranges

    Applications: Clean Room, HVAC, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing. Research and Development, Environmental Monitoring

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    Lasair III Aerosol Particle Counter

    Lasair III Aerosol Particle Counter is a compact, lightweight, and robust airborne particle counter. Its compact size and comfortable handle improve portability. The small size and convenient holding handle allow it more portable.

    Applications: Cleanroom monitoring, facility certification, troubleshooting, trend analysis, statistical process control

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    Lighthouse 3016 Air Particle Counter

    Lighthouse Handheld 3016 Air Particle Counter feature 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 µm sensitivities, and ruggedized design make it one of the best and most advanced handheld particle counters on the market. This handheld Particle counter also features to display total and differential molecule information as well as temperature, Relative Humidity.
    Applications:  Clean Rooms, Aerospace, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Indoor Air Quality, Paint Spray Booths.

  • Metone 3423 Particle Counter

    Metone 3423 Particle Counter

    Mentone 3423 Particle Counter is a portable air particle counting device. It continuously monitors, validates, and does classification.

    Applications: Cleanroom routine environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical production, Continuous environmental monitoring, Cleanroom classification and validation, HEPA filter leak detection, Process troubleshooting,

  • corona virus detector

    Temtop PMD 351 Professional Handheld Particle Counter (Aerosol mass monitor)


    Temtop PMD 351 Professional Handheld Particle Counter (aerosol mass monitor) is used to measure particle concentration with a flow rate of 2.83 LPM (0.1 CFM ) and simultaneously displays five important mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 & TSP) in one minute from startup. This particle counter acts as one of the best devices for detecting the particle as low as 0.1μm (particle size of coronavirus)

    Applications: IT Facilities, Software Parks, schools, colleges, Universities, AirPort, Cleanroom/operating room monitoring and verification, filter testing, IAQ investigation, data center cleaning, and many more highly specialized and highly sensitive fields.


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