• CEM BS-100 Video Boroscope

    CEM BS-100 Video Boroscope is a video instrument using super high-definition 3.0” TFT LCD, Resolution:960(W) x 240(H), application of H. It also has 264 video codec technology that makes images clear, delicate and equipped with a meter long curved comfortable waterproof goose-shaped tube. This BS-100 Video Boroscope is Simple, convenient, what cannot be seen with the naked eye can be watched with this instrument.
    Applications: Aircraft engines Inspection, Aero derivative industrial gas turbines, diesel engines, steam turbines, automotive and truck engines, etc.

  • 14,436.50

    CEM BS-128 Video Boroscope

    CEM BS-128 Video Boroscope is a device that designed to detect the object object that cannot be touched and can’t be visible by the naked eye. This BS-128 Video Boroscope has 2.4 “TFT LCD Screen with Resolution: 480 (W) X234 (H), applying H.264 video codec technology makes images clear and exquisite, and equipped with curved waterproof goose-shaped tube which is a meter long. This Boroscope Device also has access to AV video display & signal system can be derived in both NTSC / PAL formats and can switch the signal format automatically.
    Applications: Aircraft engines Inspection, Aero derivative industrial gas turbines, diesel engines, steam turbines, automotive and truck engines, etc.

  • CEM BS-150 Video Borescope

    CEM BS-150 Video Borescope have Color TFT LCD, supporting photo/video, time/date display and multi-languages. Video and images can also be transferred to your PC via the SD Card or USB cable (included), Waterproof (IP67) flexible gooseneck retains configured shape. Battery is charged through USB-cable.

    Applications: Automobiles, Constructions

  • 101,842.00

    CEM BX-500 Portable IR Calibrator

    CEM BX-500 Portable IR Calibrator is used for calibrating long-distance Infrared Thermometers, which is designed as handheld and small calibrations. Whether you’re using in-line or handheld infrared pyrometers, you need a high-performance calibration standard to verify accuracy. Portable IR Calibrator provides a stable black body target for calibrating non-contact IR thermometers up to 500°C.

  • 35,000.00

    CEM DT 900A HCHO and TVOC Meter

    CEM DT 900A HCHO and TVOC Meter have high accuracy, fast response, and sensitivity. This HCHO and TVOC Meter is compact and easy to carry. This CEM DT 900A measures formaldehyde in the air and the Concentration of TVOC parallelly and finally calculates the value of API(Air Pollution Index).

    Applications: Offices, Factories, Schools, and other Indoor Environments, Residential Settings, Commercial Buildings, and Healthcare Facilities.

  • CEM DT-120 Digital Moisture Meter

    CEM DT-120 Digital Moisture Meter is a device used to measure the moisture levels of wood, Building Materials, etc. This Portable Moisture Meter has a measuring range of up to 6 to 44% with advanced latest technology. This Dt-120 Moisture Meter comes with a dual backlit LCD display and helps the user by providing accurate readings on the screen. This Handheld Moisture Meter is compact in size and can carry easily anywhere whenever required.

    Applications: Wood moisture, Building material, Labs, Wood Manufacturing Industries, etc.

  • 7,000.00

    CEM DT-1307 Digital Light Meter

    CEM DT-1307 Digital Light Meter is a device used to measure solar power (sunlight) intercity. once the sun shines recklessly, just take the DT-1307 and aim it’s opening to the sun, and you may see how powerful the sun is. If you want your skin white, you certainly cannot do without it! Measurement: Expressed by w/m2 or BTU/(ft2*h). This meter is in compliance with safety standard linear unit 61010-1 related to electronic measuring instruments.

    Applications: School, Labs, Office, Stadium, Theatres.

  • CEM DT-172 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

    CEM DT-172 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger is a Portable device designed to monitor and record the temperature and humidity levels in the environment. This CEM Temperature and Humidity Datalogger have an inbuilt Alarm that sounds when the set parameter violates. This Portable Datalogger have a memory storage capacity of up to 32,000 Readings. The information stored in the device can be downloaded through PC via USB Cable
    Applications: Industries, Workspaces, Warehouses, hospitals, Chemical laboratories, Indoor and Outdoor environments, etc.

  • CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger

    CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger is a device used to record carbon monoxide levels and this datalogger has a built-in USB port that connects to a Windows PC for uploading the recorded data. This is an ideal instrument for measuring CO in factories, schools, businesses, and traffic areas. This  CEM DT-179 Datalogger includes software that can be used to view and graph the downloaded data.

    Applications: Factories, Traffic areas, Parking areas, Schools, Workspaces, etc.

  • CEM DT-8896 4 in 1 Environmental Meter

    CEM DT-8896 4 in 1 Environmental Meter is a dry and wet meter device that has a non-contact temperature measurement (infrared temperature measurement) function. This DT-8896 Environmental Meter has a built-in laser point that can greatly improve the accuracy of the measurement. This Handheld Environment Meter has a backlit LCD screen and user-friendly switch buttons making it easier to use. This Environmental Meter Device has a built-in K-type thermocouple and high-accuracy temperature and humidity sensors making the instrument outstanding.
    Applications: Food, safety equipment, fire detection, plastic mold, asphalt, aquaculture, screen printing, liquid and desiccant temperature measurement, HVAC/R, diesel engine, engine maintenance, etc.

  • 69,186.44

    CEM DT-9581 Clamp Meter with built in Thermal Imaging Camera

    CEM DT-9581 Clamp Meter with built-in Thermal Imaging Camera is a True RMS industrial clamp meter with a built-in thermal imaging camera and a large TFT LCD Colour display. It provides fast A/D conversion sample times with high accuracy. Using the DT-9581 it becomes very easy to find and solve issues with production equipment, also since the user is able to see the measurement readings along with the thermal image, it becomes very easy and efficient for the user to detect the exact nature and location of issues and also to highlight the areas of potential future issues for preventive maintenance.
    Applications: Laboratories and Industrial Applications, Calibration Services, HVAC, Automotive, Building Inspection, Energy Audits, Plant Maintenance, Electrical Contractors, and Insulation Experts.


  • 51,379.74

    CEM DT-96 Handheld Particle Counter

    CEM DT-96 Handheld Particle Counter with 2.0″ shading TFT LCD show gives quick, simple and accurate readings for molecule counter and molecule mass focus with air temperature and relative humidity estimations

    Applications: Particle counter are utilized broadly in Clean Rooms, Semiconductor gadget creation, biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Aerospace

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