• Backline Safety G7C Multi Gas Detector

    Backline Safety G7C Multi-Gas Detector is a device used to detect harmful gases to protect the employees/workers to keep safe from hazardous locations. This Backline Multigas Detector is integrated with 3G cellular technology that enables the user to connect with his team wirelessly. This portable Multi-gas detector is compact in size but it is fully loaded with plenty of safety features like SOS alert, assisted GPS, check-in, fall detection, No-motion detection, push-to-talk, two-way voice, and text messaging.
    Applications: Hospital radiation therapy monitoring for cancer, Building material, Food, Indoor/outdoor, X-rays, etc.

  • 35,000.00

    Bosean BH-4A Portable Multi Gas Detector


    Bosean BH-4A Portable Multi Gas Detector is a portable device that detects the gases of CO, H2S, O2, and LEL. This Multi Gas Detector is used in the area where explosion-proof is required or toxic gas leaks, like underground channels or mining industry, so as to protect the workers’ life and avoid damage on the relevant equipments. This Multi Gas Detector large LCD display with good amount of brightness.
    Applications: Construction sites, chemical plants, factories, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, and Tank storage parks

  • 26,300.00

    Bosean BH-4S Portable Gas Detector


    Bosean BH-4S Portable Gas Detector is a Portable multigas detector that which detects Combustible Gases, Oxygen (O2) Gas and other two types of toxic gases continuously and simultaneously. This BH-4S Multigas Detector is mostly used in the areas where the explosion proof is required (or) toxic gas leaks like underground channels or mining industry with the view of protecting worker’s life and avoid damage on the relevant equipment.

    Applications: Petrochemical Industries, Oil & Natural gas Industries, Mining Industries, Steel Industries, etc.

  • 47,275.00

    Bosean K600 Multi-Gas Detector


    Bosean K600 Multi-Gas Detector is a portable multigas detector comes with an built in Pump and also the Intelligent Gas Detector. Which adopts an advanced Integrated Circuit, with Standard Integrated Technology Design and  digital analog hybrid communication technology. It Detects the Explosive Gases (Ex) , Hydrogen sulfide (H2s), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen Gas (O2) in Industrial areas and many other applications. It is a Portable Multigas Detector which is very simple to use and maintain. This Multigas Detector is water-proof, dust-proof and explosion-proof. Thus, the K600 Multigas Detectors greatly meets the safety requirements of industrial sites with high reliability.
    Applications: Petroleum Industries, chemical Industries, refining, environmental, metallurgy, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agricultural and other industries.

  • 36,275.00

    CEM GD-3803 Multiple Gas Analyser

    CEM GD-3803 Multiple Gas Analyser is a device designed to measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Air Temperature, and Humidity. This Multiple Gas Analyser also has a rechargeable battery and can save up to 500 data points. This is the best Multi Gas Analyser Device that has been chosen by many Industries to detect these gases.
    Applications: Hospitals, Stadiums, Offices, Industries, etc.

  • 75,400.0093,600.00

    Crowcon Gas-Pro Multi Gas Detector


    Crowcon Gas-Pro Multi-Gas Detector is capable of detecting up to 5 gases with a compact and rugged design that helps to withstand harsh environments and everyday use. This Multi-gas detector has an easy-to-read display with an internal pump activated with the flow plate, that helps in pre-entry testing and makes it perfect to be used in pumped or diffusion modes.

    Applications: Airlines (wing-tank entry), Landfills, Wastewater Plants Steel / Iron Production, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Wineries and Breweries, Agriculture, Marine Fuel Transport / Shipping and Shipyards, Oil Well Fracturing, Confined Space Entry, Construction, Hazmat / Homeland Security, Industrial Hygiene,

  • 129,625.42

    Crowcon T4 Portable Multigas Detector


    Crowcon T4 Portable Multigas Detector provides effective protection against 4 common gas hazards: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable gases, and oxygen depletion. Now with improved detection of pentane, hexane, and other long-chain hydrocarbons.
    Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Shipbuilding yard, Sewage treatment plant, Mine, Power supply works, Hermetically sealed area (manhole, tank).

  • 81,305.08

    Crowcon Tetra 3 Multi Gas Detector


    Crowcon Tetra 3 Multi Gas Detector is a reduced, powerful and simple to-utilize diffusion based detector. The single catch operation, little size, and clear best-mounted display make it a most favorite in the market among those working in requesting industrial environment, for example, those in the water, telecoms, sustenance, preparing or hydrocarbons areas.

    Applications: (Petro)chemical plants and factories, Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Governments/first responders, Food and beverage industry.

  • Drager Pac 8500 Dual Sensor Detector


    Drager Pac 8500 Dual Sensor Detector gadget is a dependable and exact instrument even under the hardest of conditions. The device can be outfitted with a hydrogen-repaid CO sensor or a Dräger double sensor. This gives you the choice of estimating two gases without a moment’s delay: either H2S with CO or O2 with CO

    Applications: Industrial and Laboratory, Mining, Sewage, Oil & Gas and Chemicals

  • 75,400.00145,600.00

    Drager X-am 2500 Multi Gas Detector


    Drager X-am 2500 Portable Multi-Gas Detector accurately detects CO, H2S, O2, and LEL Gases and is the only 4 in 1 multi gas detector you needed in mining, industrial, and refinery applications and can reliably customizable for other gases also like NO2 and SO2.

    Applications: Hospital, Fire Service, Chemical Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Mining, Multi-gas detector,Federal Government, Alcohol & Drug Detection, Ignition Interlock Services


  • 176,408.90

    Drager X-am 5000 Multi Gas Detector


    Drager X-am 5000 Multi-Gas Detector belongs to a generation of gas detectors, which grew particularly for individual observing applications. This Drager x am 5000 5 in 1 gas detector dependably measures flammable gases and vapors just as O2 and harmful convergences of toxic gases, natural vapors, Odorant and Amine.
    Applications: Chemical Industries, Industrial and Laboratory, Oil and Gases, and Mining

  • 222,432.20

    Drager X-am 8000 Multi-Gas Detector


    Drager X-am 8000 Multi Gas Detector is used to measure 1 to 7 gases including toxic, flammable gases, oxygen, and volatile organic compounds. this multi-gas detector features operating in diffusion mode or with the internal pump, which makes it unique and capable to use in a broad range of applications like confined space, industrial hygiene, or hazmat response.

    Applications: Confined space, Industrial hygiene, or hazmat response.

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