Single Use Temperature Data Logger

Export the historical data for better analysis and reduce cost and waste with these single-use data loggers. These data loggers help to keep the temperature and value-sensitive items healthy. These are a kind of plug-and-play device and do not need any specific software for producing reports for recorded temperature data. Furthermore, they measure the temperature with high accuracy, have long battery life, and an intuitive LED indication makes them a worldwide standard in storage and logistics. We have two separate models available with display and without display. Explore now!

These data loggers can be used for recording and monitoring temperatures during storage, experiments or shipments and are ideal for cold chain, food, lab and pharmaceutical applications.

  • 1,440.00

    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Data Logger


    Apresys D99 USB Temperature Datalogger is used to measure and record temperature data for a maximum of 99 days with a sampling interval of 20 minutes. Reports can be generated by connecting them to the computer directly and the report can be taken as a copy of the print. The temperature data logger comes with an Ip rating of 65 which suggests that it is shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof.
    Applications: Vaccines refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Lab, Shipping, Transportation, Food monitoring for cold-chain management, Chemical medicines monitoring Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.

  • 6,448.00

    Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger

    Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger is a single-use recorder for monitoring low temperatures in dry ice environments. Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. A block of dry ice has a surface temperature of -78.5 ℃. The Disposable Temperature Data Logger is easy to operate in ultra-low temperature (up to -85℃) environments with battery stability.
    Application: Frozen plasma, Vaccines, Drugs and other special transportation such as high-grade fresh food transportation, Beef, Mutton, Seafood, Chocolate, etc..

  • 1,355.93

    Auto PDF Temperature Data Logger


    Auto PDF Temperature Data logger is a disposable temperature data logger which has 16000 record values. Internal sensor present in this data logger helps in accurate temperature measurements.

    Applications: Cold chain logistics, Foods and dairy, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • 1,280.00

    Cargo Data logger


    Cargo data logger is specially engineered for temperature monitoring during transportation. This temperature data logger is highly precise with digital sensors and also offers an in-built USB  & plug and play feature for auto-generating PDF and CSV reports without any additional hardware or software.

    Application: Vaccine freezer, Ships, Marine, Food industries, Cold chain, Cold storage, etc.

  • 1,000.00

    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger


    Cold Chain Single Use Datalogger data logger is specifically designed to monitor the temperature for perishable goods such as biopharmaceuticals, perishable food, and beverages during transportation. The temperature of such perishable goods is highly temperature sensitive and can be detrimental fluctuations in temperature are experienced. With a wide temperature detection range from -30°C to 70°C the single-use data logger accurately detects and records data throughout its journey with a temperature accuracy of +-0.2°C between 0-60°C & +-0.5°C between other ranges.
    Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, HVAC, Bulk Drugs, Chemicals, Heavy Machinery, Hydraulics, Vacuum Industry, Green House, Server Room, Confined Space and Cold Storage.

  • Elitech Glog 5LT Single Use Network Data Logger


    Elitech Glog 5LT Single Use Network Data Logger is a compact device designed for precise temperature, humidity, and position illuminance in real-time monitoring in various applications. This single-use logger offers seamless connectivity, real-time data transmission, and reliable data storage capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and long-lasting battery.
    Applications: pharmaceuticals, food storage, Logistics, and Warehouse.

  • Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger

    Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger is a single-use Data Logger which is used for recording the temperature, position, and illuminance in real-time. In addition, wirelessly it transmits the recorded data to Elitech Cloud, which in turn allows the users to view data, tracking the position, alarm information, etc.

    Applications: Logistics, Warehouse, Freezers, pharmaceuticals

  • 1,575.00129,500.00

    Elitech LogEt 1 TH Single Use PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Logger


    Elitech LogEt 1 TH Single Use PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Logger measures real-time data. It provides easy access to PDF data reports without using any cables or software. This Portable Datalogger is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity-sensitive products throughout storage and transport in pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

    Applications: Warehouse, Cold Chain, Logistics, Freezers, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals.

  • 850.00

    Elitech LogEt 6 Temperature Datalogger (Discontinued Model, Contact Store for Alternate Model)


    Elitech Log Et 6 Temperature Datalogger is mainly used to record the temperature of food in storage and transportation. The Temperature Data Logger helps users to accurately monitor the whole process to indicate whether food is safe and fresh.

    Application: Cold chain management, Food storage, Transportation, Warehouses, Refrigerants, Reefer Ships & Fridge Ships.

  • 659.0037,900.00

    Elitech TinyUSB Single Use Temperature Data Logger


    Elitech TinyUSB Single Use Temperature Data Logger is a reliable and cost-effective solution designed specifically for one-time temperature monitoring needs. With its compact size and user-friendly interface, this single-use data logger offers simplicity and accuracy, ensuring the integrity of your temperature-sensitive products.
    Applications: Food Cold Chain, Pharma industries, transportation, fruit storage, refrigerated trucks, containers, etc.

  • 655.0061,000.00

    Food Storage Datalogger


    Food Storage Datalogger is a compact and reliable temperature monitoring device designed to record temperature data over time. It offers precise measurements and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for diverse applications in industries where temperature control is critical.

    Application: Food Transportation, Vaccine Transportations, Refrigerated Freight, Hospital & Refrigerated Warehouse.

  • 6,885.59

    Frigga® A90 Real-Time GSM Location and Temperature Data Logger

    Frigga A90 Real-Time GSM Location and Temperature Data Logger is a GSM/GPRS-based datalogger for monitoring the location and temperature of shipments. It keeps the user up to date 24×7 with the external factors or violations impacting the cargo in the cold chain through SMS/Email alerts. Supports the user with continuous Real-time monitoring of cold chain cargo using the web interface or mobile application thus reducing the risk of cold chain breach.

    Applications: Cargo shipments, Courier, Cold storage, etc.

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