Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger

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Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger is a single-use Data Logger which is used for recording the temperature, position, and illuminance in real-time. In addition, wirelessly it transmits the recorded data to Elitech Cloud, which in turn allows the users to view data, tracking the position, alarm information, etc.

Applications: Logistics, Warehouse, Freezers, pharmaceuticals

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Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature data logger activates quickly and creates shipments for monitoring. Initially, after a quick begin by pulling out the insulator strip, this data logger will efficiently monitor logistics efficiently with quality. This data logger to boot has a built-in high-precision temperature detector to gather the temperature data. Glog-2 is powered by a 103450 wide-temperature lithium battery.
Features of Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger :
  • It is easy to activate, quickly create shipments for monitoring.
  • It Checks the temperature and position in real-time through S/N.
  • It has a light sensor to determine violation door opening operations during transportation.
  • It automatically sends emails alert in case of an over-temperature limit.
  • Download PDF and Excel report from Elitech Cloud.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg




Temperature Measuring Range

-30℃ to 55℃


0.5℃/0.9℉(-20℃ to 40℃ ); 1℃/1.8℉(others)

Storage Temperature

+15 to 30 Deg C


0.1 °C


Internal NTC temperature sensor and light sensor

Protection grade

IP 65

Lux Range

0 to 200

In-Use Time

20 days (@ 5-minute logging interval and 60-minute upload interval)

Start Delay

30 Min

Logging Interval

5 Min

Upload Interval

60 Min

Battery Life

1 year stored at room temperature

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Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger

Elitech Glog-2 Singe-Use IoT Temperature Data Logger