• Extech EX530 Heavy Duty True RMS Industrial Multimeter


    Extech EX530 Heavy Duty True RMS Industrial Multimeter is a rugged and reliable multimeter that is ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications. It features a variety of measurement capabilities, including AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, and diode/continuity. The EX530 is also waterproof to IP67 standards and drop-proof up to six feet.

    Applications: Electrical maintenance and repair, HVAC/R service, Industrial automation, Product development, and Quality control.

  • 15,444.00

    Lutron AM-4206 Anemometer


    Lutron AM-4206 Anemometer is a handheld device that measures air velocity and airflow. It can measure air speed in various units (m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots) and airflow in both CFM (cubic feet per minute) and CMM (cubic meters per minute). It has a large LCD display for easy reading and can record minimum and maximum readings. It also features a low-friction ball vane wheel for accurate readings at both high and low air speeds.

    Applications: HVAC testing, industrial hygiene, and environmental monitoring.

  • SensorLink Troublemans Kit 6-333

    SensorLink Troublemans Kit 6-333 is composed of the Radio Ampstik and the Voltstik depending on the radio. Such devices are designed to support the modern-day troubleshooter of electric utilities in solving problems in their low and medium distribution circuits. The monitor displays the measurement of the amp or voltage and uses a non-licensed 900 MHz radio to keep updating the reading three times per second.
    Applications: Troubleshooting Voltage Problems, Conduct Load Studies, One Man, One Stick Phasing Set