• Ace AI-DBC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

    Ace AI-DBC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator is the compact solution for precise temperature calibration across a range of 50 to 350 degrees. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this calibrator is designed to meet the demands of industries where accuracy is paramount.

    Applications: Laboratory Instruments Calibration, Industrial Process Control, Manufacturing Industries, Research and Development, etc.

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    Ace AI-DBC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

    ACE Dry block Temperature Calibrator is reasonable and is perfect for the calibration of temperature sensors like RTDs, Thermocouples, temperature checks, temperature switches, and temperature transmitters. This Temperature Calibrator uses a microcontroller-based controller providing high-performance temperature stability and accuracy.

    Applications: Calibration labs, Pharmaceutical divisions, Thermal plants, metallurgical plants, concrete plants, Fertilizers divisions, and so on.

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    Ace CAL-404 RTD Calibrator

    Ace CAL-404 RTD Calibrator is a Pt-100 temperature calibrator manufactured by Ace Instruments for precise sourcing of resistance for calibration of temperature instruments requiring a Pt-100 Source.
    Applications:  To calibrate temperature indicators, temperature controllers, data loggers & various field instruments & monitors, Field Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers, PID Controllers, Flameproof Temperature Indicators

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    Autonics PID Temperature Controller


    Autonics PID Temperature Controller is an economical temperature controller having dual preset indicator displays to increase user convenience. The Temperature Controller is also available in low voltage models for wider user options.
    Applications: Temperatures indication, Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring, Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring, Chillers, Water heating boilers, Oven Control, Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring.

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    Cargo Data logger


    Cargo data logger is specially engineered for temperature monitoring during transportation. This temperature data logger is highly precise with digital sensors and also offers an in-built USB  & plug and play feature for auto-generating PDF and CSV reports without any additional hardware or software.

    Application: Vaccine freezer, Ships, Marine, Food industries, Cold chain, Cold storage, etc.

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    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager

    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager with high-resolution(384×288) helps the user to find problems with advanced features and functionalities. Infrared inspections are made faster and more efficient with CEM DT-9885, which can also help to document problematic areas for additional analysis.
    Applications: HVAC/R Transportation / Automotive Cooling and Reheating Serving Areas Food Service Equipment Cold Storage

  • Dragino LHT65 LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity sensor

    Dragino LHT65 Temperature & Humidity sensor seems to be a long-range LoRaWAN sensor. It features a built-in SHT20 Humidity & Temperature sensor and an additional monitor for external sensors such as a compass, a soil humidity monitor, a tilting compass, etc.

    Applications lorawan temperature humidity sensor: Irrigation systems, smart metering, smart cities, building automation.

  • E+E Elektronik EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe

    E+E Elektronik EE471 Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe is designed for measuring temperature in specific applications where the sensor needs to be placed at a distance from the point of measurement. This Temperature Sensor with Remote Probe feature allows for flexibility in positioning the sensor in environments where direct contact may not be feasible or safe. This Temperature Sensor typically have a specified level of good accuracy.

    Applications : Building automation, HVAC systems, Environmental Monitoring , process control , Laboratories, etc.

  • Ebro TFX 430 Precision Thermometer

    Ebro TFX 430 Precision Thermometer has cutting-edge sensor technology. This Thermometer seamlessly blends innovation with reliability, offering a wide temperature range for versatile applications. Its intuitive interface and durable construction make it a user-friendly and long-lasting companion for professionals

    Applications: Laboratory Research, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, HVAC Systems, Industrial Processes, etc.

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    Elitech WT-10 Meat Digital Thermometer

    Elitech WT-10 Meat Digital Thermometer is a needle probe thermometer perfect tool to measure the temperature of food with high precision, low power consumption, large LCD screen, fast measurement, simple modeling, etc. It has an auto-calibration feature in the ice water mixture.

    Application: Milk, beverage, coffee or meat during barbecue

  • 4,292.74

    Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer

    Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer is best suited to get accurate measurements of hot and cold beverages like coffee, milk, etc. This Cooking Thermometer can also measure food when it is boiling, heating or cooling, that suits for any home or professional kitchen.

    Application: BBQ and meat cooking, Jam making, Brewing, Winemaking, Cake making, Bread making, Fudge making, Chocolate making, Refrigeration, Laboratory use.

  • 4,651.79

    Extech TM55 Pocket Food Thermometer


    Extech TM55 Pocket Food Thermometer is a Splash-proof thermometer with a folding 2.4inch stainless steel probe with a certification of NSF for measuring liquids, pastes and semi-solid food.

    Application: Food Industry, Frozen, and semi-solid samples, Liquid solution, Agriculture (Soil), Laboratories.

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