• Danfoss EV210A Solenoid valve

    Danfoss EV210A Solenoid valve

    Danfoss EV210A Solenoid valve covers a wide range of small, direct-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves for use in industrial machinery. The compact design together with the broad range of coils covers a broad variety of industrial applications.

    Applications: Heating systems, compressed air, vacuum, irrigation, car washes, etc.

  • Temperature Transmitter with built-in Sensor

    Danfoss MBT 3560 Temperature Transmitter with built-in Sensor


    Danfoss MBT 3560 Sensors with built-in transmitter is used primarily for measuring temperatures in various industrial processes to ensure optimal operational conditions. It is built with robust materials, suitable for harsh environments, and engineered to withstand challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, pressure, and vibration. The sensor employs a Pt100 or Pt1000 resistance temperature detector (RTD) for precise and consistent temperature monitoring.


    Applications: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), food and beverage, pharmaceuticals etc.

  • 1,300.0095,000.00

    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger


    Elitech LogET1 Temperature Datalogger is a single-use datalogger that comes with a Large LCD display and IP67 rating to withstand in harsh environments. This Portable Temperature Datalogger has PC connectivity to download the data reports in PDF format. This Single-Use Temperature Datalogger is ideal for monitoring temperature in sensitive areas..

    Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Refer Trucks, Warehouses, Food Industry, Blood Storage, Vaccine Storage Box, etc.

  • Extech 380400 Resistance Decade Box

    Extech 380400 Resistance Decade Box


    Extech 380400 Resistance Decade Box is a rugged and reliable tool for testing and calibrating circuits. It features seven-decade ranges of resistance, with values ranging from 1 ohm to 11,111,110 ohms. The decade box is also equipped with a variety of features, such as heavy-duty housing, binding posts, and a carrying case.

    Applications: Testing and calibrating circuits, Measuring the resistance of components and devices, Troubleshooting electrical problems, Education and training.

  • Insulation Resistance Meter

    Fluke 1503 Insulation Resistance Meter


    The Fluke 1503 Insulation Resistance Meter is a dedicated electrical testing device meticulously engineered for gauging insulation resistance across diverse electrical systems and components. Its primary function involves assessing insulation quality within these systems, diligently identifying potential problems or defects that may pose electrical safety risks.

    Applications: Electrical Equipment Testing, Cable and Wiring Inspections, Cable and Wiring Inspections, HVAC Systems

  • Pneumatic Test Pump

    Fluke 700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump


    Fluke 700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump portable pneumatic test pump is a reliable powerhouse, offering up to 600 psi for calibrating and testing pressure instruments with ease. Perfect for professionals needing accuracy on the go in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, and aerospace.

    Applications: Instrumentation Calibration, Quality Control & Compliance Testing, Field Service & Maintenance, Laboratory Testing.

  • Fluke 930 Non-Contact Tachometer

    Fluke 930 Non-Contact Tachometer


    Fluke 930 Non-Contact Tachometer is a specialized tool designed for accurately measuring revolutions per minute (RPM), surface speed, and distance. Its primary function is non-contact measurement, making it a cost-effective choice that maintains consistent quality.

    Application: Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, HVAC, Mining, Maintenance and Repair.

  • Tone Generator and Probe Kit

    Fluke Networks Pro3000™ Tone Generator and Probe Kit


    Fluke Networks Pro3000™ Tone Generator and Probe Kit! This duo is the ultimate solution for technicians, swiftly tracing and identifying cables in complex network setups. From data centers to office environments, this reliable kit ensures precise cable identification, making troubleshooting a breeze.

    Applications: Cable Tracing and Identification, Network Troubleshooting, Installation and Maintenance, Telecommunications


  • Temperature Sensors & Transmitter

    Greystone TSAPA20B Temperature Sensors Transmitters


    Greystone TSAPA20B Temperature sensors & Transmitter is a single point temperature sensor utilizes a precision sensor encapsulated in a 6 mm (0.236”), 304 series stainless steel probe and is available in various lengths. All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resistance to moisture penetration.

    Applications: HVAC Systems, Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Industrial Automation, Medical Devices.

  • Leakage Clamp meter

    Hioki CM4003 AC Leakage Clamp Meter


    Hioki CM4003 AC Leakage Clamp Meter is commonly used by electricians, maintenance professionals, and technicians working in various industries where detecting and measuring leakage currents in AC circuits is crucial. It helps in identifying potential electrical faults, insulation issues, or equipment malfunctions that could lead to hazards or inefficiencies in electrical systems.

    Application: Electrical Equipment Maintenance, Appliance Testing, Industrial Machinery, Building Maintenance.

  • Honeywell BluTag 360 USB Data Logger

    Honeywell BluTag 360 USB Data Logger


    Honeywell BluTag 360 USB Data Logger is a USB-based solution consisting of a temperature and humidity sensor along with a Honeywell BluTag 360TM PC application that can work in offline mode in areas where network connectivity is poor. Honeywell USB Data Logger allows Customers can configure their devices to suit their needs related to sensor settings, and recording intervals and can directly generate a PDF report via the software when connected to the PC.
    Applications: pharmaceuticals, foods, technical products, etc.

  • Logtag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger

    LogTag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger


    LogTag TRIX-8 Multi-Use Temperature Logger is designed to measure temperature in applications where accuracy and consistency are required. This Multi-Use Temperature Logger provides facilities for listing data statistics, and exporting the data to other applications such as Excel format. This temperature logger reads the data to be downloaded by using LogTag Analyzer and provides the date and time stamps for each temperature reading.

    Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Refrigerator Ships, Warehouses, Refrigerator Trucks.


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