• 70,469.92

    CEM DT 9889 Digital Thermal Imaging Multimeter

    CEM DT 9889 Thermal Imaging Digital Multimeter with built-in thermal imaging camera, providing fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy, with data logging and trend capture features. Meter box IMM software & cloud server supports to transfer the measured data to the customer’s smartphone for editing and storage purpose.

    Applications: All Industrial, Laboratory, Research and Advanced Applications.

  • 69,186.44

    CEM DT-9581 Clamp Meter with built in Thermal Imaging Camera

    CEM DT-9581 Clamp Meter with built-in Thermal Imaging Camera is a True RMS industrial clamp meter with a built-in thermal imaging camera and a large TFT LCD Colour display. It provides fast A/D conversion sample times with high accuracy. Using the DT-9581 it becomes very easy to find and solve issues with production equipment, also since the user is able to see the measurement readings along with the thermal image, it becomes very easy and efficient for the user to detect the exact nature and location of issues and also to highlight the areas of potential future issues for preventive maintenance.
    Applications: Laboratories and Industrial Applications, Calibration Services, HVAC, Automotive, Building Inspection, Energy Audits, Plant Maintenance, Electrical Contractors, and Insulation Experts.


  • 512,602.12

    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager

    CEM DT-9885 Thermal Imager with high-resolution(384×288) helps the user to find problems with advanced features and functionalities. Infrared inspections are made faster and more efficient with CEM DT-9885, which can also help to document problematic areas for additional analysis.
    Applications: HVAC/R Transportation / Automotive Cooling and Reheating Serving Areas Food Service Equipment Cold Storage

  • 188,882.29

    Fluke 279 FC True-rms Thermal Multimeter

    Fluke 279 FC True-RMS Thermal Multimeter lets you find, repair, check, comment on other electrical issues, and can monitor hot spots for fuse, wires, insulators, links, high-voltage devices and transformers, and splices, and for heat detection switches. Scanning with 279 FC thermal imager quickly shows many electrical issues.

    Applications: All Industrial, Laboratory, Research, and Advanced Applications.


  • 31,521.00

    Fluke iSee™ TC01A Mobile Thermal Camera


    Fluke iSee™ TC01A Mobile Thermal Camera is a powerful and portable thermal imaging device designed for professionals in various industries. With its crystal-clear display, broad temperature range, and Fluke Connect™ compatibility, it enables you to quickly and accurately identify temperature variations, hotspots, and anomalies. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician, or building inspector

    Applications: Electrical cabinet, Motor, Fan, Circuit Boards, Floor heating, outdoors, Air conditioner vent, Heated car seats.

  • Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Imager


    Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Imager is a device that indicates the temperature of the objects .This fluke tis 55+ thermal images has a 3.5″ VGA Touchscreen LCD display which has Water and dust resistant (IP54). In this thermal imager it has built-in +’s personal assistants, you can finally ditch the clipboard since all the information you want is there in the pictures you capture, including Voice annotation, IR-Photo Notes, and Asset Tagging.
    Applications: Detect mould-prone areas, locate thermal bridges, and identify overheated connections

  • Fluke TV43 Thermal Camera

    Fluke TV43 Thermal Camera is a non-contact, highly sensitive infrared thermal imager with motorized and software-controlled variable focus capability for Human Body Temperature Tracking.

    Applications: For 24/7 surveillance, Fixed, In-Line Thermal Imaging, Monitoring of Appliances, Automation of Industrial Phase, Process in Industry.

  • HTC VT-100 Thermal Imaging Camera

    HTC VT-100 Thermal Imaging Camera is a efficient, non-invasive safe way to let you see patterns of a hot spot or cold spot, calculate temperature accurately, and store images for instant troubleshooting. Let you foresee challenges before they come to pass. Identifies regions with unknown problems easily and reliably to conserve power and cost.

    Applications : HVAC, Automotive, Building Inspection, Energy Audits, Plant Maintenance, Electrical Contractors, Insulation Experts.

  • 47,850.00

    Megger TC 3231 Industrial Thermal Camera


    Megger TC 3231 Industrial Thermal Camera is a handheld thermal imaging camera designed for use in electrical and mechanical maintenance applications. It features a 160 x 120 pixel thermal sensor, a 2.4-inch color LCD display, and a built-in laser pointer for precise targeting. The camera is capable of measuring temperatures up to 572°F (300°C) and has a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2% or ±2°C, whichever is greater.
    Application: locate thermal bridges, identify overheated connections, and Detect mould-prone areas

  • Metravi PRO TI-10P Pocket Thermal Imager


    Metravi PRO TI-10P Pocket Thermal Imager is a compact, easy-to-use device that visualizes heat patterns, helping with preventive maintenance, equipment troubleshooting, and more. This Thermal Camera has a wide temperature range, high-resolution images, and various analysis features, the PRO TI-10P helps you see the unseen.

    Applications: Predictive maintenance, Building inspections, HVAC/R inspections, Search and rescue, Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, etc.

  • Testo 868 Thermal Imager


    Testo 868 Thermal Imager is an instruments that indicates the temperature of the objects. This imager has the best thermal image quality in its class, an integrated digital camera, and impressive smart functions. This thermal imager case comes with wheels, making it easy to transport so that it is always available to you when needed.
    Applications: locate thermal bridges, identify overheated connections, and Detect mould-prone areas,.

  • Testo 872 Thermal imager


    Testo 872 Thermal imager is a device used to measure the temperature and humidity of all the objects without contact. This thermal imager is ideal for professional industrial and building thermography while also making your work fast and easy. This Testo 872 has the unique features, that You can generate error-free and objectively comparable infrared images. It is versatile in use, for example in industrial and mechanical maintenance or for detecting structural defects.
    Applications: Detect mould-prone areas, locate thermal bridges, and identify overheated connections.

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