In the dynamic landscape of industrial processes, precision and efficiency are paramount. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating state-of-the-art Digital Vacuum Indicators into your setup. These advanced indicators offer real-time insights, enhanced accuracy, and unparalleled control over your vacuum systems.


1. Understanding Digital Vacuum Indicators:

Digital Vacuum Indicators are instrumental in monitoring and managing vacuum levels within industrial processes. Unlike traditional analog indicators, these digital marvels provide precise readings, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

2. Key Features of Digital Vacuum Indicators:

a. Real-Time Monitoring: Receive instant updates on vacuum levels, enabling swift response to any deviations or irregularities.

b. Accuracy and Precision: Digital indicators offer higher accuracy, eliminating the guesswork associated with analog gauges. This results in improved efficiency and productivity.

c. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interfaces make these indicators user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for operators at all skill levels.

d. Customizable Alarms: Set personalized alarms to promptly identify and address vacuum fluctuations, preventing potential system failures.

3. Benefits of Digital Vacuum Indicators:

a. Enhanced Productivity: Achieve consistent vacuum levels, optimizing your processes and maximizing productivity.

b. Reduced Downtime: Proactive monitoring and immediate alerts help minimize downtime by addressing issues before they escalate.

c. Cost-Efficiency: Digital indicators contribute to cost savings by preventing equipment damage, reducing energy consumption, and extending the lifespan of vacuum systems.

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5. Choosing the Right Digital Vacuum Indicator:

Selecting the ideal digital vacuum indicator for your application is crucial. Consider factors such as the required precision, system compatibility, and ease of integration into your existing setup. Consult with experts in the field to ensure a seamless transition and optimal performance.


Incorporating Digital Vacuum Indicators into your industrial processes is a strategic move towards precision, efficiency, and proactive maintenance. Stay competitive in your industry by embracing the latest technology to elevate your vacuum system performance. Explore our range of cutting-edge digital vacuum indicators and experience the future of industrial monitoring.

  • Digital Vacuum Indicator

    Ace AI-VAC1 Digital Vacuum Indicator

    Ace AI-VAC1 Digital Vacuum Indicator is a panel mounting type Indicator. It accepts the input from a threaded end vacuum transmitter installed in the field. The vacuum sensor is connected to the indicator by a 2 core cable connection & the distance between the indicator & the sensor can be up to 1000mtrs without loss of signal accuracy.
    Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration,Evacuating refrigeration systems,Documenting measurements, Refrigeration Control/Monitoring.

  • Digital Pirani Gauge

    Ace DHPG 210 Digital Pirani Gauge

    Ace DHPG 210 Digital Pirani Gauge is a panel mounting type Pirani gauge designed for accurate measurement of high vacuum ranging up to 0.001 m Bar. This Pirani Gauge head (sensor) can be clamped onto the point of measurement using a KF Clamp fitting. This Micron Gauge also comes with a clear 4-Digit LED Display. This High Vacuum Gauge helps in providing valuable information to the user.
     Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Vacuum Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Water Coolers, Vacuum Furnaces, Aerospace, Research and Development, etc.

  • Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a device used to test system leak and discerns vacuum pump quality evacuation of an HVAC and refrigeration system. This Digital Vacuum Gauge Settable high/low pressure alarm, you can receive remote notifications when readings move beyond predetermined value. The data could be recorded and exported in Excel and PDF format.
    Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration.

  • Placeholder

    Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator

    Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator manufactured by Ace Instruments are state-of-the-art vacuum measuring instruments with an in-built stainless steel diaphragm sensor housed in an explosion-proof/flameproof enclosure. This Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator is suitable for operation in hazardous areas.
    Applications: Chemicals, Plastics, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power Stations, Fertilizers, Distillery Plant and Mines, Resin, Beverage Industries, Perfumes, and Cosmetics Industries, etc.

  • Mastercool 98063-BT Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth

    Mastercool 98063-BT Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth

    Mastercool 98063-BT Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth is a new compact hand-held digital vacuum gauge that comes with Bluetooth wireless technology which combines the most advanced features to provide quick and accurate responses every time. This Vacuum Indicator is offering the latest technology to the HVAC/R technician.

    Applications: Refrigerants, Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical, HVAC, Biotech, Freeze Drying, Vacuum Furnaces

  • Mcleod Vacuum Gauge

    Mcleod Vacuum Gauge

    Mcleod Gauge With Mercury is the industry-standard vacuum estimating gauge that utilizes a mercury column on a calibrated analog-digital scale and a metallic base stand with a rotating arrangement is provided as a standard supply for fast and accurate measurement.

    Applications: Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Ejectors, Vacuum Systems, Chemical, and Pharma industry for vacuum measurement at reactors, Vacuum Metalizing Plants, Oil Filtration units, etc.

  • Digital Vacuum Gauge

    Supco VG640 Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Supco VG640 Digital Vacuum Gauge is the Vacuum Sentry (V640 Series) monitors framework benefit action and gives notification when pre-set alert limits.
    Applications: High precision laboratory tests, measurements to conform system leaks, vacuum measurement during system  evacuation


  • Winters DPG Series Digital Pressure Gauge

    Winters DPG Series Digital Vacuum Gauge


    Winters DPG Series Digital Vacuum Gauge has a basic 2 buttons operation, Re-zero element, and ceaseless vacuum Reading, Backlight turns on when the on/off button is squeezed and with vacuum changes. Its selectable building units are psi, mH2O, mmHg, mbar, and kPa.
    Applications: Ideal for business and mechanical applications in both test estimation and universally useful establishments including Vacuum pumps, Vacuum frameworks, Pharma hardware, Vacuum suction units, High vacuum refining plants, Paper industry, Adjustment research centers, and so forth.


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