• ACH Hospital Room Monitor With Touch Screen

    ACH Hospital Room Monitor With Touch Screen is a cutting-edge medical device designed to comprehensively monitor Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Air Change Per Hour. This innovative system combines advanced technology with a user-friendly interface to enhance the efficiency of patient care and medical staff. It has an integrated buzzer alarm for process limit violation alert for all 4 parameters of Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, and ACH.
    Applications:  Hospital Isolation Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, HVAC, Hospital Operation Theater Rooms, Clean Rooms.

  • Emerson 1410 Smart Wireless Gateway HART

    Emerson 1410 Smart Wireless Gateway HART automatically manages wireless communications in constantly changing environments. Native integration with the Ovation automation system provides simple and fast commissioning for wireless field networks.
    Applications: Data historians, legacy host systems, and other applications.

  • $709.20

    Siemens Simatic Basic Panel KTP700


    Siemens Simatic Basic Panel KTP700 is a compact device with a 7-inch touch screen display. It is designed for use in various industrial applications such as machine control and monitoring, production data visualization, and process automation. The device is equipped with a high-performance processor, and it supports various communication interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, and RS232/485. the Siemens KTP HMI700 is a reliable and versatile HMI device that can help improve efficiency and productivity in industrial processes.

    Applications: Manufacturing, Energy and utilities, Transportation, Water and wastewater treatment.

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