• 27,850.00

    Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter


    Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter is a DC/AC milli gauss magnetometer with an exclusive high sensitivity sensor available for high precision magnetic field measurements and is widely used in the measurement of the absolute environment earth’s magnetic field as a reference.
    Applications: Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Laboratory field to check the material contains magnetic field value.

  • Lutron MG-3002 Magnetic Field Meter


    Lutron MG-3002 Magnetic Field Meter is a device used to measure the magnetic field. Nowadays there is widespread use of electronic devices and power lines everywhere While these fields are generally considered safe, prolonged exposure to high levels of EMFs may have potential health implications. Whether you’re an engineer, technician, or concerned individual, having a reliable EMF detection tool is crucial. This Magnetic Field Meter is a cutting-edge device designed to accurately measure magnetic fields and ensure a safe environment.

    Applications: Electromagnetic Safety Assessments, Industrial Environments, Electricians and Engineers, Health and Environmental Research, etc.

  • 24,400.00

    Metravi GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter

    Metravi GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter is Designed for measuring the intensity of magnetic fields in both Gauss and Tesla. This Gauss Meter uses a hall probe reinforced with brass for ruggedness. It is used for Static magnets as well as electromagnets. This Static and Electromagnet gaussmeter measures up to  0 to 3000 mT (milli Tesla) and 0 to 30000G (Gauss). This Digital Gauss Meter has a USB Interface and Custom Software to share and analyze data.


    Static magnets and Electromagnets, Electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computers, and HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances, etc.

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