• 10,816.00

    Amprobe MT-10 Moisture Meter


    Amprobe MT-10 Moisture Meter is used to measure moisture content in wallboard, wood or other building materials to determine places of harmful mold growth or unseen water damage.

    Applications: Wood, paper, or cardboard and building materials such as sheetrock, concrete, mortar, plaster, etc

  • E+E Elektronik EE364 Moisture in Oil Sensor

    E+E Elektronik EE364 Moisture in Oil Sensor is a compact oil sensor that is designed for reliable online monitoring of the moisture in transformer, engine, lubrication, or hydraulic oil as well as in diesel fuel. Besides the accurate measurement of water activity (aw) and temperature (T), this Oil Moisture Sensor calculates the absolute water content (x) of the oil in ppm. This Moisture Sensor employs high-end E+E humidity sensing elements that have outstanding long-term stability and high resistance to pollution. This Device is small in size and its robust stainless steel enclosure, together with the choice of process connections allows easy and space-saving installation. The aw, T and x measured data is available on two freely configurable 4 – 20 mA analog outputs and on the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.

    Applications: Transformers, engine, lubrication, hydraulic oil as well as diesel or fuel, etc.

  • E+E Elektronik MOP301 Digital Moisture in Oil Immersion Probe

    E+E Elektronik MOP301 Digital Moisture in Oil Immersion Probe has moisture level in the oil and gives accurate measurements of both water activity (aw) and temperature (T), and it calculates the absolute water content of the oil (x) in parts per million (ppm). The dynamic calculation is based on oil-specific solubility parameters. The device is highly versatile, accommodating various cable and probe lengths. Digital Moisture in Oil adaptability makes the MOP301 suitable for diverse industrial applications.

    Applications: Industrial applications, Hydraulic Systems, Gearbox, Chemical Process Industries,  transformer, lubrication, diesel fuel

  • 35,580.23

    Extech MO750 Soil Moisture Meter

    Extech MO750 Soil Moisture Meter has a coordinated 8 Inch Heavy-duty moisture probe used to measure moisture levels in soil from 0 to 50-percent with the easy 1-handed operation. The meter includes a tough, water-safe lodging with an expansive LCD Display.
    Applications: Agriculture, Horticulture, etc.

  • 15,907.00

    Lutron MS-7002 Moisture Meter


    Lutron MS-7002 Moisture Meter Designed to check the moisture level of wood, concrete, gypsum, and other non-wood material. The Heavy-duty & compact housing case, designed for easy carry-out & operation. 

    Applications: wood, paper, concrete, soil, asphalt, grain, etc.

  • 6,700.00

    Lutron PH 220S Electronic Soil PH Meter

    Lutron PH-220S Electronic Soil PH Meter is a perfect device used for pH measurement in soil, meats, cheddar and other kinds of measurement requiring sample penetration. The Lutron pH electrode features an exceptionally strong glass measuring lance bundled in a rough for all intents and purposes unbreakable epoxy body

    Applications: Horticulture, Gardening, Food mechanical, Education, School, Colleges, Laboratory Industrial and Quality control

  • 11,592.00

    Lutron PMS 714 Soil Moisture Meter

    Lutron PMS-714 is a soil moisture meter a device used to measure the volumetric water content of soil by using a combination of electrical resistance and temperature measurements. It is often used in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping to monitor the moisture level of soil and ensure optimal watering and fertilization. The device is portable and easy to use, with a large LCD display that shows the moisture level in percentage form. It is also equipped with a temperature sensor to measure the soil temperature.
    Applications: Designed to check the moisture level of soil or other similar material.

  • Lutron Soil Moisture Meter Ms-7004SD


    Lutron Soil Moisture Meter Ms-7004SD is a device used for measuring soil moisture levels. This device can help you determine the moisture content of the soil in your garden or agricultural area, which can be useful for ensuring that your plants receive the appropriate amount of water.
    Applications: moisture level of soil or other similar material

  • Michell Instruments SF52 Dew-Point Transmitter

    Michell Instruments SF52 Dew-Point Transmitter is a simple, cost-effective sensor designed for use in tough industrial dryer applications where durability and resilience are needed at cost-effectively. A key feature of the device is the recessed and protected measuring element which gives an extended service life for the sensor.

  • 8,459.00

    Testo 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture Meter


    Testo 606-1 Pocket-Sized Moisture Meter is a particularly convenient and easy-to-operate pocket-sized material moisture measuring instrument. The material moisture is directly displayed in percentage by weight via stored material characteristic curves.

    Application: Wood factory, buildings, etc..

  • 11,255.00

    Testo 606-2 Moisture Meter


    Testo 606-2 Moisture Meter is not only used to measure the moisture content in wood and building materials etc but also to measure relative humidity and air temperature measurement. This Moisture Tester is used to check the storage and drying conditions quickly and easily.
    Applications: Constructions, Buildings, Wood Shops, etc.

  • 32,597.46

    Testo 616 Moisture Meter

    Testo 616 moisture meter gives a precise and non-destructive means of measuring moisture in wood and building materials. The moisture meter also helps in monitoring the drying process after water damage. One can simply select the characteristic curve, and place the meter’s measuring claw against the material’s surface. This Testo moisture meter shows the moisture content as a weight percentage compared to the dry weight.

    Applications: Moisture damage detection, drying processes, and Moisture in wood.

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