CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger

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CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger is a device used to record carbon monoxide levels and this datalogger has a built-in USB port that connects to a Windows PC for uploading the recorded data. This is an ideal instrument for measuring CO in factories, schools, businesses, and traffic areas. This  CEM DT-179 Datalogger includes software that can be used to view and graph the downloaded data.

Applications: Factories, Traffic areas, Parking areas, Schools, Workspaces, etc.

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CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger measures the Carbon Monoxide gas with a measuring range of up to 10—1000 PPM. Users can set up the sampling rate, high/low alarm value, and start mode and can also operate the software in windows 98, 2000, XP, vista, or win 7 system to download the data to a PC by USB interface, then draw graphics by the data, realizing print and export data function. The data logger provides a lithium battery with one year’s service life; its function mode is indicated by Red, Yellow, and Green LED flash light.

Features of CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger:

  • Alarm setup and indication
  • Recording and low battery indication
  • Manual and automatic start mode
  • USB port for data traffic and power supply
  • Status indication via red/yellow LED and green LED
  • Analysis software: Microsofts Windows 7/8/8.1/98/2000/XP/Vista

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Measuring Range

0 to 1,000PPM




1 ppm


32,000 readings

Measuring Rate

2sec. to 24hrs

Warm-up Time

less than 2 seconds

Sensor Type

stabilized electrochemical gas specifc (CO)

Sensor life

3 years


145 x 35 x 30mm


49 Grams

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CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger

CEM DT-179 CarbonMonoxide Datalogger

(GST 18% Exclusive)

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