Different Types of Pressure Gauges

Different Types Of Pressure Gauges

Did you know that the instrument behind measuring air pressure Gauges is called a pressure or vacuum gauge? Well, yes many techniques have been invented to measure the air pressure. The pressure Gauges is one of them which defines and measures the air pressure. It is used to measure both high and low vacuum. There are different types of gauges available that measure different types of pressure depending on the intensity of the pressure. Earlier, mercury-filled glass instruments were invented to measure pressure. This is called a mercury gauge that was invented by Evangelista Torricelli. But, the presence of mercury restricted it from its wider usage and Know about the Different Types of Pressure Gauges.

Pressure Gauges

I’ll give you a proper picture of the different types of Pressure Gauges that are identified through the following references. Keep reading below:

  • Pressure Gauges– This uses a reference of the atmosphere around the sensor. The reason behind this is the sensing element that has a deflection due to pressure Gauges change. A reference point is needed to know exactly what pressure is being measured. Some kind of vent is present in the pressure sensors. This vent can be built through a tube in the electrical connection.
  • Absolute Pressure– This is a combination of gauge pressure of the media with the pressure of the atmosphere. When the location changes, say as per the change of altitude, the atmospheric pressure also changes which compel the reference point to differ as well. If an absolute pressure sensor is used for eliminating the reference of varying atmospheric pressure.
  • Differential Pressure– It is slightly different than Pressure gauge or absolute pressure because it measures the difference between two medias. A true differential pressure sensor is used to measure the difference between two separate areas. For instance, the differential pressure is used to check the pressure drop from one object to another.
  • Sealed Pressure– It is not so common as compared to other three pressures. This uses a predetermined reference point that may not be vacuum. This allows for pressure management where the atmospheric pressure changes. For this, a venting is not needed as it doesn’t have a reference point.

The above-mentioned are the different types of pressure that are present in the world. This makes the use of pressure gauges according to the changing nature of the pressure.

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