Ace AI-CL-O2 Clean Room Oxygen Monitor


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Ace AI-CL-O2 Clean Room Oxygen Monitor is a Flush-Mounted Type Oxygen concentration Indicator. This Oxygen Level Monitor is also available in a Flameproof enclosure for use in Explosion-Proof-Flameproof Areas.
Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Labs, Nitrogen Purging, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling).


Ace AI-CL-O2 Clean Room Oxygen Monitor is designed to keep Oxygen levels safe in Clean Rooms, Labs, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and High-Tech Industries. It uses Advanced Sensors to give accurate and Real-Time Oxygen readings, alerting you to any changes immediately.
Features of Clean Room Oxygen Monitor:

  • The Cleanroom Oxygen Monitor measures oxygen levels from 0.0% to 25% Vol.
  • It comes with a clear 4-digit LED display of 0.56 height.
  • Oxygen Monitor has a built-in buzzer alarm to alert in case oxygen falls below recommended levels (user-selectable limits).
  •  Clean Room O2 Monitor comes with a buzzer acknowledgment switch provided in the front plate panel.
  • 4-20 mA Analog output for PLC integration optional relay ( to connect to PLC/VAV/Exhaust valve).
  • This O2 Monitor has RS 485 Modbus communication to connect BMS/EMS Systems.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

Ace Instruments



Measuring Range

0-25% Vol.


+/- 1% F.S


4 digit, 0.56” High, 7 segment red LED display

Response Time

Approx. 15 seconds


Mirror finished front stainless steel flush plate with MS back box

Sensor Type

Japanese Electro-chemical type, quick response, no CO2 influence

Analog Output

4-20mA analog output for connection onto analog input cards on PLC/DDC


Built-in Buzzer with alarm for low and high limit violation alert & acknowledgment key

Sensing Method

Galvanic Cell

Sensor Life

Approx. 3 years, after which the Oxygen Cell is directly replaceable

Power Supply

12-24VDC, by the way of 110-230 VAC, 50-60Hz Adaptor provided along with (Fits well in USA and European countries Also)


RS 485 Modbus protocol communication for connecting onto PC/EMS/BMS/SCADA/PLC Integration

Supply Scope

1 Unit of CL-O2 Clean Room Oxygen Monitor, Power Adaptor, Instruction Manual and Factory Calibration Certificate


12 Months Manufacturer Warranty


Front SS plate – 180 X 200( W x H ) Back MS box – 110 X 150 X 45(W X H x D)

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Clean Room Oxygen Monitor AI-CL-O2

Ace AI-CL-O2 Clean Room Oxygen Monitor


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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