Ace AI-CO2-D Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter


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Ace AI-CO2-D Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter is a highly advanced device designed to measure carbon dioxide levels in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. This compact transmitter is designed to be mounted directly onto a duct, allowing for easy integration into existing HVAC systems.
Applications: Office Buildings, Schools and Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Data Centers, Commercial Buildings and Shopping Malls, Hotels and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities, etc.

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Ace AI-CO2-D Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter is a state-of-the-art designed to monitor and maintain optimal air quality in various commercial and industrial settings. This Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is engineered with a highly reliable and efficient solution for measuring carbon dioxide levels accurately and in real-time. With the Co2 Transmitter, you can now take full control of your indoor air quality and create healthier, more productive environments.

Features of Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter:

  • Built with high-quality components, the transmitter delivers consistent and reliable performance over an extended service life
  • installation convenience in mind, This Air Quality Monitor comes in a compact form factor that seamlessly fits into ductwork systems.
  • user-friendly interface

Additional information


Ace Instruments

Model No


Measuring Range

0-2000 PPM Standard (Upto 10000 PPM Optional)


50 PPM +/-5% of reading

Sensor Type

Photoacoustic Sensor from Switzerland/Optional Dual beam NDIR Sensor


RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication (Please contact store)

Power Supply

12-24VDC, by the way of 110-230 VAC, 50-60Hz Adaptor provided along with (Fits well in USA and European countries Also)


Duct mounting type ABS Plastic Enclosure with Duct mounting bracket

Response Time

1 minute for 80% readout range, 3 minutes for functional accurate output

Operating environment

-10 Deg. C to +50 Deg.C 195 (L) x 20 Dia) mm.

Dimensions (Duct Pipe)

195 (L) x 20 Dia) mm.

Dimensions (Enclosure)

80(W)x82(H) x 55(D) mm


Each transmitter comes with factory calibration certificate


12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Supply Scope

1 Unit of Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter, Power Adaptor, Instruction Manual.

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Ace AI-CO2-D Duct Mounted CO2 Transmitter


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