Danfoss KP78 Thermostat

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Danfoss KP78 Thermostat is commonly used in industries where precise temperature control is crucial, such as HVAC systems, industrial ovens, refrigeration units, and various manufacturing processes. Its user-friendly design and robust construction make it a preferred choice for professionals in these fields.

Applications: Temperature Control, Adjustable Setpoint, Wide Temperature Range.

Danfoss KP78 thermostats are used for control, monitoring and alarm systems in a wide variety of industry applications. The Danfoss KP78 Thermostat is a reliable and widely used control device in the field of industrial refrigeration and heating. The KP78 thermostat is primarily designed for temperature control applications. It can be used to control heating or cooling systems to maintain a specific temperature range within industrial processes or equipment.

Features of Danfoss KP78 Thermostat:

  • Wide setting range.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • Snap action electrical contacts minimize chatter, bounce, and wear, and ensure long term electrical and
    mechanical reliability.
  • Small dimensions – space saving and easy to install in panels

Additional information



Model No


Temperature range [°C] [max]

90 °C

Temperature range [°C] [min]

30 °C

Ambient Temperature Max

65 °C

Ambient Temperature Range Min


Cap. tube length fraction

78 3/4 in

Capillary tube length [mm]

2000 mm

Charge Type


Electrical Connection

Rubber cable gland

Electrical Connection Size

6-14 mm

Sensor Type

Remote bulb



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