Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch


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Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch is a heavy-duty pressure switch designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It features a rugged design, IP67 enclosure rating, and gold-plated contacts for reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. The KPS43 is available with a variety of pressure ranges and differential settings to meet the specific needs of each application.

Applications: HVAC and refrigeration systems, Food and beverage processing, Water and wastewater treatment, Pharmaceutical and chemical processing, Oil and gas production.

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Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch is a pressure switch that is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial and commercial environments. It is IP67-rated, meaning that it is dust-tight and water-resistant. The KPS43 has a maximum working pressure of 120 bar. This KPS43 Pressure Switch uses a diaphragm-type pressure sensing element. The diaphragm is deflected by the pressure of the medium being measured, which causes an electrical contact to open or close. The KPS43 has a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) electrical contact arrangement, which means that it can be used to control a single electrical circuit.

Features of Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch:

  • Wide operating pressure range: 1 to 10 bar
  • High accuracy and repeatability: ± 0.5%
  • Low hysteresis: ± 0.2%
  • IP67 rated for water and dust protection
  • Resistant to vibration and shock
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install and use

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters

Differential Pressure

Amb. Temp. Note

80 °C/176 °F for max 120 min

Ambient temperature range [°C] [max]

70 °C

Ambient temperature range [°C] [min]

-25 °C

Differential [bar] [max]

2.8 bar

Regulation Range

1.00 – 10.00 Bar

Max. Working Pressure

120 Bar

Differential [bar] [min]

0.7 bar

Ambient Temperature

-25 to 70° C

Enclosure rating


Electrical Connection

Screwed cable entry

Electrical connection size

Pg 13.5

Max. Working Pressure [bar]

120 bar

Max. test pressure [bar] Pe

180 bar

Pressure connection

Type G

Supply Scope

1 unit of Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch and Instruction Manual


1 Kg

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Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch

Danfoss KPS43 Pressure Switch


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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