Dew Point Transmitter with Controller


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Dew Point Transmitter with Controller is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art solution designed to accurately measure and control moisture levels in various industrial processes and applications. Built with the latest sensor technology and advanced control capabilities, this innovative device ensures optimal performance, increased efficiency, and enhanced process reliability across industries.
Applications: Compressed air systems, Plastic dryers, HVAC, Industrial drying processes etc.

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Dew Point Transmitter with Controller measures the calculated parameters like dew point, frost point, or ppm volume concentration which are accessible on a simple 4-20 mA and a computerized Modbus RTU output. The compact design and the exceptionally robust stainless steel housing make the measurement task simple.
This Dew Point Transmitter can be connected to a Controller which accepts the 4-20mA input from the transmitter to control the measured parameters. The Controller is a panel mounting type process indicator controller with universal input selectable from front keys & has great accuracy on the digital readout. 2 Relay Outputs are available as standard. Optionally, 4-20mA Retransmission is available for connection onto PLC/DAQ/Data Loggers/Analog Card, etc from the controller.
Features of  Dew Point Transmitter with Controller:

  • Analog 4-20 mA and a digital Modbus RTU output
  • E+E auto-calibration Measurement accuracy ±2 °C (±3.6 °F).
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Optional Modbus to USB converter
  • Free EE-PCS configuration software

Additional information

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Dew Point Transmitter Specifications



Model No


Measuring Parameters

Dew Point


20 to 200,000 ppm


±(5 ppm + 9 % from measured value)

Electromagnetic compatibility according to

EN61326-1 EN61326-2-3 Industrial environment FCC Part 15 ICES-003 ClassB

Sensor protection

stainless steel sintered filter

Pressure Range

0 – 80 bar

Analog Output

4 – 20 mA (3-wire technology) RL < 500 Ohm

Supply voltage

18…28 V DC

Response Time

< 5 min -20 °C Td ( -4 °F Td) → -60 °C Td ( -76 °F Td),15 sec -60 °C Td ( -76 °F Td) → -20 °C Td ( -4 °F Td)

Protection class

Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) / IP65


140 X Ø30 mm


Controller Specifications


Ace Instruments




4 Digit Red LED Display , 0.56” High , 7 Segment


+/- 0.1 Deg. C +/- 1 count


Fixed 0.1 for Temperature


Sensor : Front key selectable between RTD Pt-100 , J Type TC, K Type TC, 4-20mA

Power Supply

230 VAC , 50 Hz. +/-10%


ABS Plastic Body Panel Mounted Type

Relay Output

2 Relay Outputs (2 Sets of NO/CO/NC),5 Amps(Max. curr. rating)


Optional Retransmission of 4-20mA


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards.


48 x 48 mm, 96 x 48 mm, 96 X 96 mm


950 Grams

Product Includes

E+E EE355 Transmitter: Mating plug M12x1 field attachable, Operation Manual-Quick Guide, Inspection Certificate according to DIN EN10204-3.1

Optional : Ace AI-01C Dewpoint Controller

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Dew Point Controller with Transmitter

Dew Point Transmitter with Controller


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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