Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Device


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Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Device is a spic and span breathalyzer made by Dräger. It is totally made in Germany and meets the most noteworthy measures.

Application: Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Devices are portable instruments that can be utilized effectively for on-site alcohol detection in students, employees, and DUI/DWI suspects on highways.

Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Device guarantees its client along these lines multi-year-long utilizes, regardless of whether in the extra time or at work. The estimation innovation in the Dräger Alcotest 3820 is indistinguishable from official or military liquor test gear. The steady improvement of our own breathalyzer makes the Dräger Alcotest 3820 inconceivably quick, reliable. .The alcohol breathalyzers are used in order to measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by indirectly measuring the alcohol content in a person’s breath. In case you want to buy a breathalyzer, look no further, We have multiple breathalyzer tests for sale


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Alcotest 5000

Range vs Test Result 1

0 to 0.029 mg/L
→ “Tick mark” symbol on the display screen means
“No Alcohol Detected”,
visually supported by a green LED.

Range vs Test Result 2

From 0.030 mg/L
→ “X” symbol on the display screen means 'Alcohol Detected',
visually supported by a red LED.

Range vs Test Result 3

From 2.5 mg/L
→ Measuring range exceeded (↑↑↑)

Display of test results

• After approx. 2 sec. (at 0 to 0.029 mg/L);
• After approx. 6 sec. (at e.g. 0.5 mg/L, at room temperature).

Start-up time

Ready to use approx. 4 sec. after switching on

Measurement basis

Electrochemical DrägerSensor®, alcohol-specific


Graphic backlit LCD display; 32 x 22 mm / 1.3" x 0.9" (128 x 64 pixels

Operating Temperature

15 °C to +50 °C

Operating Humidity

10 to 100 % relative humidity (not condensed and in operation)

Operating Pressure

600 to 1,300 hPa

Power Supply

1 x CR123A-Battery


Two-color, for supporting test results and warning messages on the display

Acoustic signals

Various signal tones for supporting display and warning messages


Stores the latest 500 test results with test number, date and time

Energy supply

3x AA batteries, charge status shown on display;
with the battery life from 3x AA batteries,
more than 5,000 tests can be performed.

Funnel intake

Click adapter for funnel


Hygienic, individually packaged with air outlets for minimizing
back-flow of expired air

Operating design

Test functions are started with the “OK” button;
two arrow buttons are used to navigate through the menu.


Impact-proof ABS/PC

Vibration and impact resistance

EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-6; EN 60068-2-64

Internal clock

Warning 30 days before service interval expires

CE Marking

EMC Directive


Contactless breath-alcohol testing devices are currently not subject to any standards

Service Interval

24 months


63 X 219 X 41 mm


245 Grams(including funnel and batteries)

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Dräger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Device


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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