Dwyer 400 Air Velocity Meter

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Dwyer 400 Air Velocity Meter offers double purpose comfort High precision instrument and easy-to-read scale. Can be used to equilibrate. Air conditioning systems, air pressure drop calculation, and ventilator monitoring, and Blower discharge and pressure to inlet. The Series 400 kits include a Pitot tube, a manometer, needed tubing and connectors, red gauge fluid, and case carrier.

Applications:  Air balancing, Building commissioning

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Dwyer 400 Air Velocity Meter Series 400 provides the versatility of a dual-purpose instrument with high precision and easy-to-read scales. It can be used to equilibrate air conditioning systems, measure filter pressure drop, and monitor fan and blower discharge and inlet pressures. The 400 kits series includes a manometer, a Pitot tube, the necessary tubing and connectors, the red gauge fluid, and the case. An understanding of the methods used to assess air velocity is helpful in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation research. The air velocity (distance traveled per unit of time) in this area is normally expressed in feet per minute (FPM). You may calculate the amount of air flowing past one point in the duct per unit of time by multiplying air velocity by the cross-section region of a duct. In general, the volume flow is expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Velocity or volume measurements may also be used to expose the proper or inappropriate performance of an airflow system with an engineering handbook or design details. Often useful in the research of pneumatic conveying, flue gas flow and process gas systems are the same concepts used to determine velocity. Nevertheless, the specific units of velocity and volume in these fields are often different from those used in air conditioning work.

Features of  Air Velocity Meter:

  • Red figures display velocity in FPM and black figures display air pressure in inch w.c.
  • No conversion tables needed for air at standard conditions
  • Available with Pitot tubes and carrying case

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Model No.

400 series

Measuring Parameters

Air Flow Velocity, Air Velocity

Range in w.c

0 to 23

Velocity FPM

400 to 19,200

Rated Temperature

150°F (65°C)

Rated Pressure

100 psig (6.89 bar


11-1/2˝ X 20-1/4˝ X 1-1/2˝ (H X W X D)


13-1/4 lb with equipment

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