Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector


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Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector is a device that is designed to detect Refrigerant or freon gas leakages in Industries and other Applications. This Freon Leak Detector has high sensitivity with a good visualized alarm display. It adjusts sensitivity automatically and optimal detection status to locate leaks much more accurately. This leak detector has a built-in high-precision IC with an ultra-low power consumption circuit design which enables much more stable operation and endurable batteries.
Applications: HVAC Systems Maintenance, Automotive Air Conditioning Service, Refrigeration Units, Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Environmental Compliance.


Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector is a device that responds to all halogenated gases. When the leakage of gas is detected, it beeps frequently and the volume of the beep will increase. This refrigerant leak detector has a feature that when it detects more gases leaked, the buzzer beeps faster. This Elitech Refrigerant Leak Detector has an LED that will indicate the concentration of gas. The first LED indicator indicates a both gas leak and a battery level. when the LED blinks in orange it means to low battery of the device.

Features of Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector

  • It has Upgraded 5 LED indicators
  • This Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector has a flexible probe of around 7.8-inch which allows detections in difficult and hard-to-reach areas.
  • This freon leak detector comes with 7 Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Response within 3 seconds
  • It has a low battery indicator and also an alarm.

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

All halogenated gases

Operating Temperature

0 Degree Celsius -52 Degree Celsius

Operation Mode

Continuous, No Limitation

Power Source



0.21oz/yr for all hydrogenated refrigerants

Response Time




Battery Life

Approximately 50 hr of Normal Use

Power Supply

6V DC, 4 A alkaline batteries

Probe Length


Reset Time

Two to Ten Seconds


1.37×1.37×5.90 inch

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Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector

Elitech WJL-6000S Freon Leak Detector


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