Honeywell T2798i2000 Temperature Controller


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Honeywell  T2798i2000 Temperature Controller gives relative in addition to vital (P+I) and on/off temperature control. This controller has an adjusting simple 2 to 10Vdc or 4 to 20mA yield and a 2A on/off yield to acknowledge different discretionary control capacities including cool/warm changeover, warm/cool grouping control, emergency interlocking, and auto-disturbing control.

Application: HVAC, Air Conditioning System, for instance, Hydronic Heating, Air Handling Unit, Heat Exchanger or Condensing Tower

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Features of Honeywell T2798i2000 Temperature Controller:

  • PI (proportional plus integral) control action gives exact, stable, and comfortable temperature control.
  • Compatible with series 70 direct-coupled damper / valve actuator like ML7161, ML7174, ML7420 / ML7421series ML7425, ML7984 series, N20010, S10010, M7410E series, CN7505, CN7510 / CN72 series CN7220 & CN7234 also VC79 series etc.
  • Backlit LCD to display both setting and estimated value.
  • Adjustable Zero Energy Band, On/Off Differential, Proportional Band, and Temperature Offset.
  • The analog output can be forced manually to be helpful for installation & commissioning.
  • Optional 2 to 10Vdc or 4 to 20mA direct acting and reverse acting analog output.
  • Selectable internal and external temperature sensor.
  • Wide temperature control range (-20 to 110 °C by utilizing an external temperature sensor) is suitable for extreme temperature control, for example, steam and ice water.
  • WatchDog Timer: to resume the controller from hanging condition.
  • Brownout effect to avoid malfunctioning and care on power ON and power OFF.
  • Pluggable terminal block permits pre-wiring outside of the controller.
  • Compact size and slim design give an elegant and attractive modern style appearance

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters


Set Point Range

-20-110°C (external temperature sensor), 5-50°C (internal temperature sensor)

Analog Output

2 to 10 VDC, 4-20 mA

Digital Output

2A, 24VAC

Operating Temperature

0 to 50˚C

Operating Humidity


Storage Temperature

-20 – 45°C

Storage Humidity


Power Supply

2 VA, 24VAC ±20%, 50/60Hz


Direct wall mounting with standard electrical mounting box


ABS plastic


DIN Class B, Duct Mount Remote Sensor PT1000


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

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Honeywell T2798i2000 Temperature Controller


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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