Honeywell UB4334SEN Controller


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Honeywell UB series stand-alone controllers are proposed for controlling. It can be utilized to control temperature, dampness et cetera. Worked in numerous application programs are selectable The Built-in multiple application programs are selectable. Modulating output with0…10VDC, 2…10VDC, or 4…20mA signal output. Support DIN and Panel installation
Application: Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration

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Honeywell UB4334SEN Controller applies to a wide variety of constant temperature and humidity unit, heat pump, and others. It will provide convenience and flexibility to a stand-alone system.
Features of Honeywell UB4334SEN Controller:

  • Large LCD, English display, beautiful appearance
  •  Operating voltage AC 24 V
  •  Multiple application programs selectable via Application Number
  •  Universal inputs for NTC20K, NTC10K, PT1000 temperature sensors and 0…10 VDC signals
  •  Modulating output with DC 0…10 VDC,
    2…10VDC or 4…20mA signal output, direct or reverse action
  •  Two-position digital output, direct or reverse action
  •  PI parameter adjustable
  •  One Button for winter/summer changeover easily
  •  Entering or changing all data via operating buttons on the controller, possible without additional tools
  •  Support DIN, In-door panel installation
  •  Schedule(Only provided by UB4334SEN)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No

UB4334SEN Controller

Sensor Type

20K ohm NTC, 10K ohm NTC, PT1000, Transducer

Operating Temperature

0 ℃ to +50 ℃

Operating Humidity

Less than 95% RH



Storage Temperature

-20 ℃ to +65 ℃

Storage Humidity

Lessthan 95% RH

Power Supply

Operating voltage : AC 24V ± 10%, Frequency : 50 Hz/60Hz, Power supply requirement : Class2 power supply

Power Consumption

UB Series Controller : 8VA

LCD Display

Actual and nominal values : 4 digits

Display resolution

Temperature : 0.5℃, Humidity : 0.1%, CO2 density : 1PPM, Pressure : 1 Pa

VDC out put

20Vdc ±10% @ 75mA

IP Rating

Housing : IP20

CE/ EMC conform

In accordance with European Union directives : EN 60730, Electromagnetic compatibility EMC : 2004/108/EC


180 X 115 X 60 mm

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Honeywell UB4334SEN Controller


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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