HTC CC-01 Temperature Calibrator


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HTC CC-01 Temperature Calibrator has a 4 digit clear LCD display and is used to measure the temperature with compatibility with all the different types of thermocouples like J, K, T E, etc. with precise readings and high performance, This Temperature calibrator comes with accessories like test leads and holster.
Applications: Machine building, Ship building, Measurement and Control Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Compressors etc.

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Features of HTC Temperature Calibrator:

  • 4 digit LCD display
  • Auto power Off (Can disable)
  • Accuracy +0.05%
  • Standard Accessories: Test Leads, Holster, Manual
  • Dimension: 155(H) X 75(W) X 33(D)mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters



Range: mV ; Output Range: -10 to 75mV ; Resolution: 0.01 mV

J type Thermocouple

Output Range: -200 ~ 1200°C ; -328~2192°F ; Resolution: 0.1°C OR °F

K type Thermocouple

Output Range: -200~ 1370°C ; -328~2498°F ; Resolution: 0.1°C OR °F

T type Thermocouple

Output Range: -200 ~ 400°C ; -328~752°F ; Resolution: 0.1°C OR °F

E type Thermocouple

Output Range: -200 ~950°C ; -328~1742°F ; Resolution: 0.1°C OR °F

R type Thermocouple

Output Range: -20~ 1750°C ; -4~3182°F ; Resolution: 1°C OR °F

S type Thermocouple

Output Range: -20~ 1750°C ; -4~3182°F ; Resolution: 1°C OR °F

B type Thermocouple

Output Range: 600~1800°C ; 1112~3272°F ; Resolution: 1°C OR °F

N type Thermocouple

Output Range: -250 ~ 1300°C/-418~2372 ; Resolution: 1°C OR °F

Standard Accessories

Temp Probe, Briefcase, Manual


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


190 X 89 X 42 mm


900 Grams

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HTC CC-01 Temperature Calibrator

HTC CC-01 Temperature Calibrator


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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