KwikDraw Gas Detector Tube

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KwikDraw Gas Detector Tube provides a reliable method for the detection of more than 200 gases and vapors. Used with a manually operated hand pump or the automatic Toximeter III, these tubes can be used to provide spot measurements with most results in less than 5 minutes, read directly from the calibration curve printed on the tube. KwikDraw Gas Detector Tube is compatible and equivalent to Drager Standard Tubes and Viceversa.

Applications: Confined spaces, fumigation, occupational safety and health, oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants, process control, and research laboratories.

KwikDraw Gas DetectorTube consists of a multi-functional, automatic pump allowing the user to preset the number of pump strokes from 1 to 250 strokes. Ideal for taking repetitive measurements or determination of ultralow concentrations requiring a high number of strokes. It works with all KwikDraw tubes and can be used as a sampling pump.

Features of KwikDraw Gas Detector Tube:

  • Extensions include Breathing Air Quality Monitoring kits, Hazmat Response Kits
  • Quick and precise results every time
  • Designed for the rapid detection of 4-5 gases/vapors, these boxes of tubes contain tubes with two-scale marks for semi-quantitative assessments using one tube at a time.

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