Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge


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Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge accurately measures force by loading tension or compression force on the tip of the gauge. This electronic digital force gauge is a simple-to-use and handheld type measuring instrument that combines a force test stand and provides simple and accurate measurements according to the needs of users. This Electronic force gauge, also known as push-pull force gauge or tension and compression force gauge, In various industries like electric/ mechanical components, cars, medical, food, packaging, and more, these tools are used for QC and R&D.

Applications: Bearing Torque, Torsen Spring, Tension Spring, Burst Testing of Packaging Materials, Switch Activation Force Testing, Closure torque Testing, Compression Spring, Tablet Crush, wire Terminal, Peel Testing.

Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge is accurate in testing the push/pull force (tension and compression) of virtually any application. This Electronic Digital Force Gauge is Complete with a hook adapter for tension, plus flat head, cone head, and chisel head adapters for compression, a 5″ (120mm) extension rod, an operation manual, and a carrying case. An indispensable tool for push/pull (tension/compression) measurements in a variety of industrial applications.
Features of Lutron Electronic Force Gauge :

  •  This portable force gauge has units of Kg/LB/Newton
  • Tension & compression
  • Peak hold
  • Positive/reverse display
  • It comes with a large 5 digits LCD
  • Separate heavy-duty sensor
  • This handheld force gauge has a built-in low battery indicator

Additional information

Weight 2.58 kg




Measurable Range

20 Kg


0.01 Kg/0.01 LB/0.05 Newton


±(0.5 % + 2 d), within 23 ± 5


LCD 5 digits

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 °C

Operating Humidity

< 80% RH.

Measure Capacity

20.00 Kg/44.10 LB/196.10 Newton

Overload Capacity

Max. 30 kg




6 x 1.5 V AA

Power Consumption

Approx. DC 24 mA


227 x 83 x 39 mm


550 Grams

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Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge

Lutron FG-20KG Electronic Digital Force Gauge


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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