Rotronic HL-RC-B Wireless Data Logger

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Rotronic HL-RC-B Wireless Data Logger is designed to measure the Temperature & Humidity (or) Only Temperature as per the user requirement with the highest precision. This Industrial Data logger saves the measured values in the logger and transmits these values to the ROTRONIC HW4 software. This Environmental Data logger offers the highest data integrity and flexibility in use.
Applications: Pharmaceutical and food industries, mechanical engineering, meteorology, environmental engineering, museums/glass cabinets, research, monitoring of storerooms, chemical industry, and development.

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Rotronic HL-RC-B Wireless Data Logger is used for temperature and humidity monitoring tasks. This Smart Wireless Temperature and Humidity Datalogger has a wireless transmission distance of up to 300m and saves the user wiring costs and data can be collected quickly and easily. and Rotronic Hw4 software is one of the available RF adapters required to program these data loggers, and to retrieve/analyze the data. This HW4 can also be used to display and record data in real-time on a PC or laptop.
Features of Rotronic HL-RC-B Wireless Data Logger :

  • Rotronic HygroClip2 probes can be connected with the help of a Digital probe
  • This Probes can be interchanged without further adjustment
  • This wireless Temperature and Humidity Datalogger has a Transmission distance: of up to 100 m
  • Integrated battery monitoring (HL-RC only)
  • Operating range: -40…85 °C
  • High storage capacity: up to 175,000 measured values with a serial number, time, and date
  • In Case of Power failure, Flash memory is useful for data security
  • Recording up to 6 years without battery replacement
  • Data security: PIN for activation and data access
  • Plastic housing, white, IP65

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters

Humidity, Temperature



Operating Range

Probe Dependent


Probe Dependent

Radio Frequency

433.92 MHz (US: 915 MHz)

Storage capacity

175,000 measured values (%RH& °C)

Logging Interval

1 min. to 12 h

Power Supply

Lithium (Li-SOCl2) battery 2400 mAh

Battery Life

Up to 6 years depending on logging interval (1 h)

Battery Status Indicator

Via software, recording of battery voltage and internal temperature

Transmission Distance

Max. 100 m (free field)

Data Security

4-digit PIN (access code for activation/reading)

Number of probe slots


Memory capacity (values)

2,048 KB of approximately 500,000 readings, non-volatile, even during a power outage

Exploitation Software


Probe Adjustment by Software

Yes, with service cable

Communication Interface

LAN interface / USB dongle / GPRS logger


HW4 V3.2 or higher


POM (housing) / PUR (cable)

IP Protection Rating


Dimensions without Probe

140 X Ø 20 mm


30 X 130 X 80 mm

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Rotronic HL-RC-B Wireless Data Logger