Sencius Thermal Covers 

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Sencius Thermal Covers or blankets are used to maintain the temperature of goods in transportation, cold chains, etc. It has an accuracy of ±4°C i.e the temperature of the product inside the thermal covers will not be increasing or decreasing more than 4°C compare to the ambient temperature.

Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Perishable Goods, Chemical and API, Food and Dairy, Ware House, etc.

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Sencius Thermal Covers has a foil layer that optimizes and reflects the sunlight and minimizes temperature extrusions. For winters these thermal covers work to trap the warmth so the product temperature remains stable for a longer period of time

Features :

  • A low-cost solution for temperature-sensitive goods
  • Reusable foldable stackable
  • All-weather performance
  • Allows extended loaded and unloaded time

Applications :

  • Air Freight- protects temperature-sensitive cargo during transit against ambient variations
  • Tarmac- protect cargo from the extreme temperature from Tarmac
  • Ocean Freight- Protects cargo during un-controllable conditions of Compressor unit
  • Passive cold boxes- Acts synergistically to extend the validity of cold chain boxes

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Measuring Parameters

Maintains Temperature




170-180 GSM, 250-270 GSM, customizable

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