Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor


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Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor is used to measure the slightest differential pressure variation in ventilation and air conditioning ducts. This Siemens Pressure Sensor also Monitors filters and control fans with output available in the device. The siemens Pressure Sensor acquires differential, over and under the pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.

Applications: This pressure sensor is widely used in HVAC applications for measuring the difference between positive and negative pressure. Measuring the smallest differential weights in ventilation and cooling channels, Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, and AHU applications Check wind streams, Monitor channels, and control fans


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Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor acquires the differential pressure using a silicon rubber membrane and ceramic lever. The Differential Pressure Sensor generates a linear and temperature-compensated output signal DC 0 to 10 V, as per the deflection.
Features of Siemens Differential Pressure Sensor:

  • Pressure-linear characteristic with selectable pressure measuring range
  • Operating voltage AC 24 V or DC 13.5…33 V
  • Output signal DC 0…10 V
  • Zero-point adjustment
  • Siemens QBM2030 is very Simple and fast mounting thanks to integrated mounting brackets in the housing
  • Maintenance-free
  • Calibrated and temperature-compensated measuring signal
  • Siemens Pressure Sensor is supplied with tubing connection set

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Model No


Measuring Parameters


Pressure Range

0 to 1000 Pa, 0 to 1500 Pa, 0 to 3000 Pa

Operating Voltage

AC 24 V, DC 13.5…33 V

Power Consumption

0.5 VA

Analog Output, Signal

DC 0…10 V

Sensing Element

Pressure diaphragm

Time constant

1 s

Pressure connection

Connection branch, 6.2 mm dia.

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Degree of Protection



92 x 94 x 49 mm


190 Grams

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Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor

Siemens QBM2030 30 Differential Pressure Sensor


(GST 18% Exclusive)

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